Build Your Dream Designer Wardrobe

Open your closet. Are you drowning in clothes that have hung there for years, without much use or wear? How many of those “bargain” buys actually ended up being worthwhile purchases? If you continually choose quantity over quality, you will always have a closet full of “nothing to wear.”
If you want to build a truly beautiful wardrobe, one that will last years and holds quality items you can wear over and over again, follow a few tips and tricks. If you take the time to accrue a closet that friends will drool over, you’re guaranteed to feel more satisfied than if you just continue to buy and buy cheap items.

Ignore the “Deals”
It will be hard at first, but you must train yourself to ignore those signs screaming SALE and CLEARANCE. These are misleading: you may feel like you’re getting a bargain, but that impulse buy may rot at the back of your closet and never get worn, because you didn’t truly need it.
Think of those bargain deals like those jerks who hit on you at the bar. They’re loud, they’re confident, but you don’t really want to take them home. Wait for your Prince Charming, the one that will make you fall in love over and over again. You want a closet that represents a marriage, not a one night stand.

Get in the Designer’s Head
Instead of thinking about a designer dress, top, or other item as an overly-expensive piece of cloth, think about it the way the designer does. This piece was designed the way it was for a reason: whether it’s the drape of the cloth that flatters any body shape, the structure of the pants, the height of the heel, or the tucks and seams of a blouse, that piece of clothing is a work of art.
A designer puts their heart and soul into their clothes, making their masterpieces. Think about the clothes you buy as museum pieces, and add to the gallery. You want people to want to visit your museum, so you only want to add great pieces. This may be more expensive, but you will have a more stable, workable wardrobe if you save up for quality pieces rather than continually purchasing cheap items.

Choose Your Items Carefully
Take your personal style into consideration. Think long and hard about what you wear most, what you feel most comfortable in, and what will get the most wear in your closet. If you are a businesswoman, you will want to purchase designer business suits, such as a lovely blazer, a crisp pair of pants, and professional blouses. If you live somewhere with mild weather, you can purchase designer dresses, a structured jacket, and the perfect pair of jeans.
There are many factors to take into consideration. Make sure that you know what you need before you go shopping. Keep a running list of things you will get the most wear out of, and keep your eye open for these pieces. Once you stop making impulse buys, if you see a really beautiful designer piece, you can afford to add it to your wardrobe.

Spice It Up With Cheap Accessories
Once you have your staple designer items, you will be able to wear those time and time again, without them going out of style. You can always add more visual interest, and keep up with changing trends, by getting cheap accessories. Capture your personal style and still look chic by adding different fun and colorful items to your wardrobe.
For example, in the summer, you can add a great pair of wedges, a wide brim floppy hat, and some eye-catching bangles to a simple sundress, and you will create a memorable look with only a few accessories. With a colorful blazer, add a pair of matching or contrasting shoes with toned-down pants. With a simple black outfit, add a colorful ruffled clutch, bright shoes, and matching earrings. You can continuously change an outfit with accessories. Don’t underestimate their power.
Don’t Forget:
This will take time! Building a new wardrobe does not happen overnight, and you will have to forego major shopping sprees. But nothing worthwhile comes easy, and you will see the payoff as you go. Don’t go in for the trends; purchase items you know will last season through season.
Choosing the right designer clothes will gradually build a closet to your style, that makes you look and feel great, and you can continually wear. So have patience! You are a woman in the making.
Sara Stricker is part of a team of dedicated writers who contribute hundreds of quality articles to blogs and sites. For more information about designer clothes, contact her. Follow her @StrickerSara for more articles.