Business and Pleasure While In Chester

If you are away on business and you happen to be lucky enough to be in Chester, then why not book an extra few days so you can get both your work done and enjoy what the beautiful city has to offer. No one likes to be cooped up in a meeting when there are things to do outside too and with Chester being part of the vast and rural county of Cheshire, you will almost certainly feel an element of class and sophistication wherever you chose to visit.

With all there is to see and do, it’s no wonder that Chester and the surrounding area is one of the most popular places for businesses to conduct their conference venues in Cheshire. So once the work is done, have a look at visiting some of these places mentioned below, you won’t regret it!

Chester Zoo

Not just for children, adults can also enjoy this major attraction. Did you know it is the most visited attraction in the UK outside of London? With over 1.4 million visitors annually and many rare and beautiful animals to discover it’s no wonder it’s such a popular destination.

It is a zoological garden, which means none of the animals are caged, great news if you are an animal lover. You can see over 12,000 animals in their natural habitat. The zoo is also home to Europe’s biggest orang-utan enclosure too. The zoo is open to everyone, with mobility scooters and buggies being available for hire. There are also lockers to keep any valuables stored away if you don’t want to carry them around with you all day.

There are also methods of travel around the zoo with it being so large. You can choose to travel via the monorail, with the stations located at the main entrance and one next to the lion’s enclosure. If the monorail is not your thing, then you can always choose to go on a boat instead, this boat circles all the island exhibits. Be aware though, that whilst the boat ride is free, you will have to pay extra for the monorail, so if you want to save money, either go for the boat or walk. If you become hungry whilst visiting, there are various cafes and kitchens in which you can either purchase food, or bring your own to eat in.

Grosvenor Park Open Air Theatre

If you fancy something a bit different, then the open air theatre is well worth a look. It only runs for eight weeks in the summer though, so make sure that if you are staying at any of the hotels in Chester, you can check to see when it’s on before making a booking.

Founded in 2010 by a local arts producer called Chester Performs, it is the only open air theatre that is open full time outside of London. So if you want the experience of the Globe theatre in London, but don’t want to travel, then this makes a great alternative!

The theatre stages three productions per season, this usually consists of two Shakespeare plays and an additional, specially commissioned work from both local playwrights and more well-known ones.

Roman Tours

Everyone knows that Chester dates back all the way to the Roman times and as such, has a deep and interesting history. There are various tours available that tap into the history and with so much to explore, you will need a few days at least to see it all!

It was founded as a Roman fortress in the 1st century AD and you can still see the carefully preserved walls that surrounded the city today. The walls were made of locally sourced red sandstone therefore it was easy to maintain.

There is also an ancient amphitheatre; which is well worth the visit. Don’t forget there are also museums with roman memorabilia and you can even walk parts of the wall. In addition to this there are also on-going excavations where more artefacts are being discovered.

Food and Drink

So you’ve taken care of business, you are now free to enjoy yourself. You’ve got a place to stay, places to visit, but what about food and drink? Well in Chester you are definitely spoilt for choice. With many highly rated restaurants, bars pubs and cafes, there is something for everyone. From traditional fish and chips, to something a bit more exotic, or even a classic pub meal.Most places are reasonably priced too, so you won’t be out of pocket for a decent meal!

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