Business Etiquette Tips

Work is a prominent aspect of our lives where we spend an immense amount of time. The people we work with become somewhat of a family to us and even though we may not get along perfectly with everyone, we should have a certain amount of business etiquette and respect for one another. Etiquette in life and in business has evolved over the years and we sometimes need to be reminded of what great business etiquette manners are. It is essential to maintain respect and consideration for others in the office and this means following some fundamental business etiquette tips. In this informative article, we look at some examples and rules of business etiquette to make your work life a more enjoyable one.

Professional Business Etiquette Tips

1. When it comes to business etiquette with a phone, certain lines have been blurred. Our phones are constantly beeping and this can be incredibly disruptive in the office. One should switch their phones to silent when in the office when people are trying to work and turn a phone off while in a meeting or business lunch.

2. In some old school and traditional etiquette that still works in this day and age, holding the door open for someone once you have walked through is great etiquette. This does not apply to any specific sex but rather is an indication of respect and consideration for your co-workers.

3. In most work places privacy is not a prevalent occurrence and in professional business etiquette manners both in the UK where space is limited and across the world, we should be vigilant of our surroundings. Keep noise to a minimal, personal calls short and if need be, excuse yourself to talk in private. Keep your desk somewhat tidy and clean and as much as there are certain foods such as French fries and curries that are delicious to eat, these can produce incredibly pungent smells throughout the office which others may not appreciate or like.

4. In other professional business etiquette and manners tips, sharing personal information with your co-workers is great but gossiping and over sharing is not. Some people may not have the same social compass that you do and may get offended by a particular conversation or topic. This is why it is better to interact with your co-workers but still maintain a certain boundary and respect for the people you are communicating with.

These are just a few business etiquette tips for you to incorporate into your daily life that will add to a better work environment with your co-workers.          

Jemma Scott is a freelance writer with an interest in business related tips. Her interest for this article came from her time in Birmingham offices whilst observing the dynamic of a work place.