Business In Malta Booming With Bank Of Valletta

Malta business is growing exponentially, particularly with the foreign investors who are keen to invest in business in Malta and get involved in Malta’s growing economy. As the new Skyparks Business Centre comes under the spotlight with its new offices and growing portfolio of companies, Malta’s own businesses are expanding too.

Valletta Bank in Skyparks

The Bank of Valletta recently opened a branch at the Skyparks Business Centre situated at the International Airport. The new branch reflects the company brand and the financial institution’s impressive level of service, which it continuously works on to improve. Business in Malta has had a boost and with the banks move to Skyparks, Valletta Bank now boasts one of Europe’s most state-of-the-art headquarters.

The new location gives the bank more access to business and with it being right next to Malta’s international airport, the international community have easier access to banking. Installing ATM’s in the departures lounge and at the arrivals section gives passengers easier access to their money. International clients can immediately do business transactions through an additional ATM that will be open 24/7.

The Bank of Valletta has been instrumental in helping business in Malta beat the credit crunch. Setting up a business in Malta has been possible through the recession as the bank has made credit more accessible for business owners. The bank’s willingness to give out loans has added to the business infrastructure and creation of jobs.

As a vehicle to saving money and building business, the Bank of Valletta has gone far and beyond to help Malta business to maintain a healthy economy, and their brand suggests that, regardless of whether their clients are private, business or international, all clients are considered and given exceptional service.

Now that the Bank of Valletta’s corporate headquarters are housed in the most desirable business address in Malta, it stands to gain even more support from the international community doing business on the popular island.

The Skyparks views, ample office space, state-of-the-art systems, and security give the location prime rental capabilities, and it is attracting some of big corporate names. The stunning new development is considered a doorway to the world as it was built on the same property as the airport. As the Bank of Valletta and other international names rent space in the popular Skyparks development, it will be a matter of time before they need to expand as business in Malta continues to grow and the international interest grows off the charts.

Vida Denning is a freelance writer who had been on several Malta holidays and seen how company formation in Malta has grown drastically.