Business Is The Flow of Finance

Business is the art of working with money. It is one of the fundamental aspects of human existence. Business has been present in the human civilization from ancient times. It was used for trading and establishing connections with other worlds. But as time progressed, the business became more and more complicated and it was developed as a field of study. It became more complicated and theories and mathematics developed. Many famous people of business were those who theorized business. The theory of business was one of the most important things which laid the foundation and also helped the expansion of business.

                                            TECHNIQUES OF BUSINESS

Some facts about Business

Business is the activities regarding money which keeps the society moving. It is the daily transactions and trading activities which help a country to keep its population healthy and also helps the country to develop in all the fields. In the early times, business was not this complicated. It was much simpler and it involved simpler trading techniques like a barter system. It was the simple process of giving and taking. There was no more complication in it. Slowly, it transformed into more sophisticated forms of trading. People went to voyages with their goods and this also led to wars. One of the best examples was the East Indian Company, which came to India for trading but ultimately colonized the country. They ruled the Indian subcontinent for nearly 200 years. Trading can also be a good way of establishing connection with new countries. It can help to ease tension between countries which are having tension in their relationships.

Business is the basis of a country’s economy. It is the large and medium corporations that help to maintain economic stability within a region. Economic stability is very important for the safety of a country. If the economic stability of a country is lost, it will lead to all kinds of problems within the country. Firstly it will create social anarchy. People will not be able to find jobs as a result they will get angry. This will in turn create mass movements which may become violent very easy. It is clearly evident in today’s situation in Europe. The whole Euro Crisis is nothing but recession which is slowing down of the economy.

Thus, one has to be very careful about the way business is handled, as it is a two-edged sword.


Business is the pillar of a country’s economy. It is the basis on which human existence depends, as people work in various businesses and they are able to earn money. This cycle has been going on for many years. Without this cycle, humans will not be able to find jobs. The future of business depends on the minds of the future humans. There is lot of concern about businesses hurting the environment. But the main thing is to develop sustainable businesses which will help to maintain the ecological balance and also take the economy of the country forward. This should be the role of future businesses.

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