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The service industry as a whole is aided by the different advancements in technology. These advancements include the availability of services online, so as to cater to all individuals, whichever is easier for them.

One of the booming industries of today is the customer relationship management (CRM) service. A number of companies have been rising with this service offering.

Business Needs Provider

Info on Salesforce

Based in San Francisco, Salesforce was founded in the year 1999. Generally, it is a cloud computing and social enterprise software as a service provider. The company offers internet based applications that ensure both sales and customer support. For sales, it can manage employee collaboration as well as customer information; on the other hand, for customer support they provide a rapidly deployable and convenient alternative.

The Salesforce platform services include case management, task management, a system for automatic routing and escalating of important events are provided. Customers are also given the ability to track their cases, and a social networking plug-in is included to enable the user to join different conversations about the topic of their company on social networking sites. Other services also provided are as follows: email alert, chat, Google search, and also access to the entitlement and contracts of customers.

The Salesforce customer relationship management service has over a hundred customers. The service is then broken down into different categories for the organization as well.

The Relationship of Customertimes and Salesforce

What is Customertimes? Salesforce has an implementation service partner called Customertimes. The main aim of the company is to help customers be more effective, manage their customer relationships better and enhance the mobile experience of their customers in 63 countries all over the globe. It is an official partner and also an independent software vendor itself. The main role of Customertimes is to provide a full implementation of the services of Other services they may provide to users and customers are mobile technology and outsourcing services.

Customertimes: The best choice for Business Needs

Customertimes satisfies different business needs that include business process review, configuration services, data migration, training and user adoption, and application integration. With these, the customer is indeed in good hands. Companies on a global scale rely on Customertimes in implementing services.

By being an independent software vendor, Customertimes also has full access to the different tools, training and support needed by the customers. They also have a team to assist the customers in the promotion of new relationships and in getting more opportunities.

Projects are quickly implemented and also the effectiveness of the method used is taken into account, regardless of the scale size of the project on hand. When you check the track record of the company, you can see that it has over 200 successful cloud technology implementations, and that the company will be able to surely move you to a new level, with the support and optimizing of existing implementations.

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