Business Travellers – Let The Plane Take The Strain

A business trip from one end of the country to the other is a common experience for many professionals, and in recent times the ever-lowering cost of air travel has made them think again about using the car to get from to A to B and back. There are several good reasons to hop on a plane instead, and to hire a car at the destination airport for the duration of the stay. Here are four good reasons to do this, and to avoid the hassle of driving there yourself.

Even if you really enjoy driving, and there are plenty of people who do, the chances are you will be exhausted by the time you reach your chosen destination. A car journey of seven or eight hours can place a huge strain on the individual’s energy levels, and can even have an adverse effect on the person’s ability to function well enough during business meetings and appointments when they finally arrive.

It can cost a small fortune in fuel to cover a long distance by car, and in the current economic climate this is a vital issue that cannot be ignored. Virtually all companies, in every sector of industry, will be under pressure to keep spending to a minimum, so it’s often best to leave the car behind. In addition to expenditure on fuel, there are also hidden costs such as the wear and tear on the vehicle itself to take into consideration.

If an employee has to spend eight hours in a car in order to arrive somewhere, the chances are they could have got there in a quarter of that time if they had gone by plane. For the employer, this can mean a time saving that can have a tangible effect on when that individual can be back in the office ready to work again. Efficiency is the golden watchword in modern business, so it pays to ensure staff members are back at work as soon as possible.

A well rested employee is always a far more efficient individual, and this can make the difference between successful negotiations that have produced tangible results and a dismal failure that could see the company going backwards. It’s so easy to turn up at the airport, fly to the destination and hop in a hired vehicle to arrive fresh and eager. And with the low cost of air travel and car hire it doesn’t have to cost the earth.

David Showell is a regular business traveller from the UK. He works for

David Showell is a regular business traveller from the UK. He works for 121carhire.