Businesses: No Power? No Problem.

Putting on the news and listening to the weather these days is like being trapped in the movie Groundhog’s Day. For the fourth time this summer, much of the United States is caught in the middle of a heat wave. This summer has become unbearable for most people and has proven to be challenging for farmers and other businesses. Further, many towns and cities have been issuing statements that they are at risk of brown outs due to over usage of electricity. There are things business owners can do, like purchase generators, to protect their products and facilities from yet another heat wave side effect.

New York City’s leading power company, Con Edison, released requests to their customers to cut back on energy usage to prevent another brown out like they had earlier in this season. Cities and towns throughout the United States are also being strongly urged to cut back on using electricity. This may be something that individuals can easily do; however most businesses cannot risk losing electricity because their products can spoil or go bad, which can cut profits drastically.
Although most people welcome the end of a heat wave, some businesses owners’ stress levels raise at the thought of another side effect of heat waves. Most heat waves end and bring relief with severe thunder and lightning storms. Many people look forward to the relief the storms bring, but homes and business run the risk of losing power in these potentially ruthless storms. With many businesses already struggling through heat waves, losing power could really push them over the edge.
A simple solution for businesses of all sizes is to purchase generators for their facilities. This important device takes mechanical energy and changes it over to electrical energy. It can best be compared to a water pump, which is able to get water to flow. Businesses that have a generator are not affected by loss of power because it kicks in when power goes off. Having this important piece of equipment can save the day for businesses during heat waves and brown outs.
Many people and businesses look forward to summer’s end so they can find relief in cooler temperatures and milder weather. Business owners need to be mindful that brown outs and power outages can happen during any season and precautionary steps should be taken to keep your company running during these times.
Jesse Dugan has professionally written several publications and blog posts and is always looking for guest writing opportunities. Follow him @JesseDugan.