Buy 0800 Number to Get the Best Benefits in the Telecom Industry

buy 0800 number

Toll free number is the chief requirement in most of the business houses. One of the most important aspects of these numbers is that they can help a business double or triple the volume of sales in a minute. The fact is free telephone numbers can bring in more customers because the customers won’t like to spend money on business calls. So buy 0800 number for your business today and generate more sales. Below you will find a bit more information about freephone numbers.

The main benefits of using 0800 numbers

The benefits of these numbers are many. First of all, your customers will see that your company is valuing them by giving them an access to free calling. Secondly, the numbers being completely toll free increases the reputation of your company. Your enterprise will look like a proper business house with the toll free number. Another important factor which must be taken into consideration is the web based call management. It is a tool with the help of which you can bring in a queue of customers. So these are another few reasons for you to buy 0800 number.

Tariff charges for the 0800 numbers

The foremost thing which should be kept in mind is the tariff charges which you have to bear in order to take the 0800 numbers for your business. There are mainly three or four types of tariff charges or plans for these numbers. They mainly fall among the Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum category. The free minutes which you can get in those plans are mainly 500, 1000, 3000 and 5000 minutes respectively. The amount of money which you have to spend for this lies in between 5 pounds to 50 pounds respectively. So, in short, this is a wonderful way to bring some good luck in boosting your sales.

Features of web based management system

The web based management system is a method by which you can get a lot of handy features. These features will enable you to control the customer base in a completely innovative method. You can divert the calls to any other number if the line is busy or not answered. You can divert the calls to any landline number or mobile number in a particular country. You can even select three time zones in your number to control the international customer base. This is one innovative feature which is accompanied with 0800 numbers and so it is better to buy 0800 number for all round benefit.

Other important benefits of purchasing a 0800 number

As I mentioned earlier 0800 number can bring about a robust increase in your sales and you can get the maximum edge over the competitors of yours. Being non-geographical numbers meaning they do not provide a geographic location of your company, 0800 telephone numbers can help your business create a national presence to tab into all areas of the country. Your clients will not think that you are a small local professional but will consider your business as a large nation-wide company which should add a sense of reliability and professionalism to your firm. Getting new customers is important, but keeping them satisfied all the way is crucial as well. Such a number where customers can call for free really gives you the feel of a professional entrepreneur in every way.

Totally web based telecom service

One of the major advantages of the telecom industry today is the fact that the entire service is web based. So you can definitely change all the modes of payment and your plans with the help of one single click. It has some more features like the voicemail and controlling facility of the rings between two diverts. This is also one of the essential factors which make the purchase of 0800 numbers so worthwhile.