Buy Cheap Airline Tickets and Travel Far More Than 1-2 Times A Year

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By buying cheap airline tickets, you can travel much more often than 1-2 times a year. The airfare depends on many factors: the day of the week, the season, the number of days prior to departure, and many other things useful to know before you start booking. Read tips on buying cheap airline tickets and start planning your own independent trip right now.

1. Buy cheap flights at night or early in the morning before the working day begins. Airfares are lower at this time, and the choice is much wider.

2. Choose flexible dates. See all flight options for the next few days (± 3 days).

3. The best price airline tickets are available in 2 months (50-60 days) before departure. The fewer empty seats there are on the plane – the higher is their cost.

4. To be the first to know about promotions and special offers sign up for airfare alerts and airline’s newsletter. Following all the special offers of airlines is convenient by using

5. Buy tickets with departure/arrival time in the middle of the week. The cheapest tickets are available on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and the most expensive are sold for weekends and holidays. Try to spend the night from Saturday to Sunday at your destination.

6. Flights departing in the evening or at night are cheaper than those in the morning or afternoon. In this case, it is necessary to consider the additional taxi expenses (other transport may not be available)

7. Fly in the off-season. At this time of year airlines have promotional air fares. The offseason doesn’t necessarily mean bad weather, at this time travel fewer people, which means that prices are falling not only for flights but also for hotels.

8. Buy round-trip tickets (RT – Round Trip). A one-way ticket (OW – One Way) can cost more than with a return one.

9. Look for the last minute tickets for charter flights. Unsold seats at charter flights appear in the travel agencies a few days before the departure. The destinations, as a rule, are the resorts and popular cities. Searching for the last minute air tickets is best on the websites of tour operators specializing in the direction you are interested in.

10. Accept a layover. Flying with one airline and a convenient layover can save a substantial amount of money. Be sure to pay attention to the time between flights, and the total duration of the trip.

11. Use discount airlines. Low-cost airlines (low-costs, discounters) always offer the lowest airfares. The ticket price will save you a bundle if you do not pay extra for additional services: checked-in baggage, meals, registration… For example, there are two low-cost airlines flying from Russia – Wizzair and Ryanair and each country has its own low-cost airlines.

12. When searching for tickets, use search engines. Meta-search engines find all flight options within a given direction immediately and you just have to choose. One of the most convenient flight search engines is Hotels-Scanner. It compares the prices of more than 700 airlines, travel agencies and booking systems. For example, the website shows a map of low prices, and you can buy a ticket by using its mobile application. Fill in the search form with the place of departure and arrival, select the dates and a meta-search engine will show you all flights and airfares available. Very fast and convenient, try it now!

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