Cali Goes Green With Solar Panels

Cali goes Green with Solar Panels

Every day, there is something in the media that mentions “going green” or highlights green initiatives in some way. Many people are embracing this concept out of respect for the environment, or because they choose to be more economical with their spending. One aspect of the green initiative that is becoming more widespread, globally, is the use of solar energy. Nationally, the use of solar power has become a significant focus among environmentally-conscious businesses and residents. This is particularly true of the state of California, which leads the country in solar power users. Solar companies in California lead the nation in producing solar panels used to harness energy from the sun that powers many homes and businesses with both light and heat.

Benefits of Solar Energy

It is a fact that the world is currently dependent on fossil fuels as its main energy source, but the world’s awareness of the benefits of using alternative energy sources, such as solar power, is becoming more apparent. Why? Because it is also a fact that solar energy will never become obsolete or run out. Scientific studies show that even when the sun’s hydrogen is depleted, it will still produce useable energy, and this is the same power that is captured through the use of solar energy. The benefits of using solar energy are many and include:

• Sustainability – Solar energy is a permanent natural source of power, available for continued use, and is completely renewable for fueling, heating water, and lighting.

• Utility Independence – Generating solar energy via the use of solar panels can potentially eliminate complete dependence on public utility companies for power supply.

• Efficiency – Little maintenance is required to create solar energy. The solar panels, when up to maximum efficiency, are very self-sufficient.

• Incentives and Rebates – Federal and state governments offer tax incentives and rebates for businesses and residents who install solar panels and solar hot water systems.

• Environmentally Friendly – No adverse mark on the environment is caused by solar energy power facilities, nor commercial or residential solar panels. They produce zero emissions and are capable of storing energy and producing power even when the sun is not shining.

Solar Power in California

Solar companies in California service the fastest growing solar market in the country, for two main reasons. California has a high insolation level and there is overwhelming community support for solar power in this state. Californians, by the thousands, have chosen to adopt this alternative energy source as their primary source to power their homes and businesses.

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