Calm The Chaos: 6 Keys To An Efficient Move With Children

Calm The Chaos: 6 Keys To An Efficient Move With Children

Moving is one of life’s biggest challenges, especially when you have kids. Keeping in mind these five keys to an efficient move will reduce your stress and ensure a smooth transition into a new home.

1. Plan, Plan, Plan

When preparing for a move, careful planning is essential to ensure efficiency. Transfer utilities to your new home at least a few weeks in advance. Order your moving truck and gather all the supplies you’ll need. Preparation is also important before packing. Inventory your current belongings, designating a place for them in your new home. This will help you label your boxes.

2. Keep Kids Calm

Processing the chaos of a move is challenging for children. Allow kids plenty of time to adjust to the idea of the move. Include them in all phases of preparation, and give kids old enough to help a special job on moving day. Younger children will do best with a babysitter or relative until their new room is all set up. Most important, remind all the kids how exciting their new house will be.

3. Pack Like a Pro

Not all boxes are created equal. Packing materials are as varied as their contents and designed to protect particular items. Share your inventory list with professional movers who can help you select the best packaging for each of your possessions. Another trick is to pack all items from each room together, that way you can save time not trying to remember what boxes go where.

4. Label, Label, Label

Even though you may think labeling is only necessary for a company, you can save yourself a major headache by labeling each box on the side. Labeling on the side allows you to see what’s in each one even when they are stacked. You can also label according to room rather than according to contents. Get yourself a marker and have at it!

5. Store Your Stuff

Renting space at storage units is helpful in many cases. People who are downsizing but would like to hold on to furniture or other items can find a long-term solution in storage facilities. Short-term options are also available for those who, for example, have time between closing dates and temporarily stay in a smaller place, or need to declutter while their house is on the market. You can find storage unit facilities in Irvine CA, Brooklyn NY, and just about anywhere else in the US.

6. Prep Your Pets

Like children, animals have trouble understanding the changes that accompany relocation. Pets that have never previously strayed may be tempted to bolt before, during, or just after a move, especially if you are preoccupied. Pets should stay with a family member or friend or at a boarding facility during the move. Introduce them to their new home room by room, ensuring their favorite toys, bedding, and food are all set up before they enter.

Although moving is stressful, the proper preparation, packing technique, and handling of children and pets can improve efficiency and comfort.