Can Electronic Cigarettes Save Your Marriage?


Cigarettes – you either love them or hate them. It’s pretty hard to have a neutral stand on it. While smokers think that it’s their own body and their own life and that they should be able to choose what they wish to do with it, most non-smokers object on the account of passive smoking. After all, who wants a face full of stale and second hand smoke? This has been the bone of contention between many a couple and has resulted in the demise of many a relationship or marriage.

If you happen to be the smoking partner who’s been at the receiving end of the ultimatum that said it was either the cigarettes or them, don’t lose heart. There’s a simple thing to do to keep the man or the woman of your dreams from walking out of your life. Start smoking an electronic cigarette. Yes, you read it right. Nobody’s asking you to quit immediately. Nobody’s asking you to check yourself into rehab. Nobody’s asking you to get chatty with a shrink. All you need to do is switch the type of cigarette.

Now, how does this help to save your marriage or relationship? It helps because it shows your spouse or your partner that you care. It shows that you care about both their health and their feelings. It even shows that you care enough about taking the first step towards quitting a habit that they don’t want to be around. All you need to do it to sit them down and explain how you’re willing to make the change. If your non-smoking partner has no clue as to what electronic cigarettes are, give them the details that explain how these are nicotine free or have very low levels of nicotine in them. Also you can tell them that electronic cigarettes can even pave the way to quit smoking completely. It’s true.

If you happen to be the non-smoking spouse who’s tired of the house, the wallpaper, the clothes, the furniture and even the dog smelling like stale smoke, give your husband or wife the gift of an electronic cigarette. They’re sure to appreciate this gesture rather than an outright ultimatum. And whether they try it out or not this will give you some insight into whether or not he or she really cares enough about your marriage or relationship.

Really, who’d ever thought electronic cigarettes were this useful! What do you think?