Can I Be Evicted If I Have Rent In Areers?

Can I be Evicted if I have Rent in Areers?
The chances are that if you have failed to keep up payment to your landlord you will have what is known as rent in arrears. This will mean that you landlord will do their best to get you out of the property and will more than likely be looking to evict you. This is known in the profession as  eeking possession.
What does a Landlord have to do?
If a landlord is wishing to go down this rout of eviction the they will have to follow a certain procedure. The first step when starting this process involves giving the tenant a written notice. As a tenant, receiving a notice does not always mean that you will be require to leave your home. If the landlord whishes to take things further, then they will have to apply for a court order until the period notice has run out. The court order is more commonly known as a possession order.

If the tenant does not leave by the date of the possession order, they will require a warrant in order to gain possession of the property. From there they will need to get a warrant of possession which will allow the bailiffs to come and evict the tenet.
Can I be Evicted if I live in the same Accommodation as my Landlord?
There are exceptions to this rule, there are some types of tenancy where the landlord does not need to a court order to evict a tenant. For example, if you are currently living in the same accommodation as the landlord you will not need a court order.
If you live with your landlord and they are looking to evict you would be wise to seek advice form an expert housing advisor. There plenty of places that this type of information is available, for example the Citizens Advice Bureau will be able to offer help and information.
Where can I find information about being Evicted?
The internet is a great place for finding out information if you are a little unsure. You should be careful when taking information from the internet as much of it is not true.  General information tends to be fine, however if this become technical you would be better off asking a professional or going to a dedicated website. You should always take information ‘with a pinch of salt’ when reading  internet forums where everyone has an opinion, ofetn many of them are factually incorrect.
My Landlord’s got a Possession Order – what’s next?
If you landlord is looking to evict you on the basis that you have not kept up with you rental payment, it is most likely that you will have to go to court, the landlord will have to seek a possession order. Once they have this it should have a date by which you have to evict the property.
What happens if I am a Private Tenant thta has an AST ?
If you are a private tenant that has an assured short hold tenancy it is possible that your landlord could be granted a possession order without the need for a court hearing. The way that this works is that you will receive no notice, you will simply be asked to leave the property no longer than 14 days after the order is granted. It is possible , n some circumstances to request that this date is moved if you are able to provide a good enough reason.
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