Can You Build A Vintage Look With High Street Fashion Labels?

The Vintage Twist

Vintage fashion has reached something of a nadir in 2012. While the general popularity of the whole vintage movement has shot through the roof, we have started to reach a point where it begins to negatively impact on the contemporary fashion industry. The result? High street retailers and their design houses have begun to put together modern clothes with a vintage twist. Seeing this in several stores recently inspired us to ask the question: can you really get an authentic vintage look in this manner?

Style or Substance?

What each individual considers as vintage style is important to this argument. By its literal definition, for something to be vintage it needs to be old and have a story behind it. Therefore, it is also debatable whether or not simply picking up a t-shirt or pair of jeans with the word “vintage” on the label is enough to constitute a follower of that fashion trend.

Although an authentic look is clearly the one that is built with clothes from thrift stores and other specialist vintage outlets, old school looks are available with stunning results, with Adidas Originals track tops being one famous example of how a 21st Century powerhouse can take your style back to the past.

What to Buy?

There is a certain look and style that you need to build in order to get the vintage look, whether you are buying new lines or second hand. Consider that before you splash the cash. An 80’s tracksuit may present itself as “vintage,” but do you want to look like a cartoon football manager or someone who knows his fashion?

Many people still get hung up about shopping in charity shops, so rather than look at one or the other we decided to explore the look in general.

Start with a t-shirt or button down shirt, if it is the latter then the louder and more ostentatious the pattern, the better you will look. T-shirts should ideally be oversized, either plain or perhaps with a distinctive print – modern photograph t-shirts are excellent for a vintage look.

Forget about skinny jeans and go back to boot cut for this look. If you have reservations about this then you might want to lose them quickly, as bigger flares will be back next year!

Finish off the look with footwear of your choice. Loafers or plimsolls would be my recommendation, and this can always be the part of the outfit in which you use a completely modern item.

For true vintage you need to buy old, however there are gems in stores that will work equally as well.

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