Can You Find Fertility Abroad?

We’ve all heard the stories. A couple who have been struggling to conceive for some time, and who have all but given up hope.  A strained budget, that can’t cope with too many more treatments.  A trip abroad, to a budget friendly clinic, and… success!
The couple returns home successful, with a baby on the way.

It sounds like a fairy tale – but is it?
We look at how treatments in fertility abroad stack up, and whether you should be considering giving them a try. Read on, as we look at three key factors: quality, prognosis and price.
Quality of Fertility Treatment Abroad
Your experience of treatment for fertility abroad, in terms of quality, is largely up to you.
If you are simply looking for the best price, you’re probably going to find yourself in a cut price clinic that offers shoddy, or even dangerous, treatment.
There are some clinics treating fertility abroad that give the whole notion a very bad reputation, but they are the exceptions to the rule, not the norm.
With a little investigation and research, you can find treatments for fertility abroad at clinics that meet and even exceed the quality levels you expect in your home country. It just takes a little more work to find the right clinic.
When anyone seeks fertility advice, abroad or elsewhere, it’s for one reason only: because they want to conceive.
All the bells and whistles in the world are secondary to that desire to overcome infertility, and one of the most important issues for anyone even toying with the notion of fertility treatment abroad is their prognosis.
Rest assured that many international clinics offer the very same treatments as their US and UK compatriots. In fact, some even offer cutting edge treatment options that might not be available in the US or the UK yet, so if you choose the right clinic, your prognosis is every bit as good as it would be in your home country.
There’s no denying that treatments to enhance fertility, abroad and at home, are a costly business. They range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars for each attempt, and those costs quickly add up.
Add to that that not all fertility treatments are covered by health insurance, and you have the stark reality that many couples face: help conceiving is often more expensive than couples can afford.
Treatment for fertility abroad is often significantly less costly than it is in the US or the UK, and exchange rates certainly work in the favor of international patients at those clinics. Combining your annual vacation and treatment is one way to go, and what better or more worthy way to use those frequent flyer miles?
Find Fertility Abroad
International fertility treatment definitely seems to check all the boxes, and it certainly seems like a worthwhile option, if you’re looking for cost effective alternatives to treatment in the US or UK.
Always remember, however, that with fertility treatment, as with anything else, there are no guarantees or absolutes, and if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. A little bit more research and a little caution should guarantee great results.
Tamara A Spelling is a freelance writer for IVF International Fertility Clinic – Red Rock Fertility in Las Vegas, Nevada.