Can’t Install Wireless Card To Your Ricoh Printer? Know The Process!

Ricoh Printers

Ricoh is a technology based company working in the field of production print solutions, imaging equipment, IT services and document management systems. The most of the products and services offered by the company are meant to generate better interconnectivity between the people.

If you are currently acquiring the services of Ricoh printers and wish to customize it as per your requirement then you must find out more about them. Most people complain that it is hard for them to understand the configuration of these printers and if they try to install wireless card to these printers then most of the time their efforts go in vain. It is important to move forward with the technology and make the printing services accessible without tedious wires and tangent connections.

It is not that hard to understand the composition of these printers and operate a wireless card on it. The usage of wireless adapter card will be a lot helpful to you to conveniently print all your major and minor documents on Ricoh printers from any place with ease through reliable wireless Internet connectivity.

Your Kit of Wireless Adapter

Your kit comprises of a pair of devices that are plugged onto your computer system and the Ricoh Printer respectively. Both of these devices stay connected with each other with the help of wireless Bluetooth connectivity.

So follow the below mentioned steps and get benefited with wireless connectivity and execute all your printing needs from anywhere and anytime.

Step I

When you watch closely the rear portion of your Ricoh printers then you will find that there will be a parallel port to plug-in the device. Here, you can plug the wireless print adapter and avail the wireless connection after the installation of the device.

Step II

Now moving onto your desktop or rather the portable laptop, you can attach the USB adapter meant for the Bluetooth connectivity in any of the vacant ports. Thereafter, all you are required is to simply proceed to a few steps of the installation of the drivers and the adapter will be detected by your concerned system.

The best thing about the wireless connectivity adapter is that it is compatible to all the configurations and the operating systems running on the PCs. So you don’t need to worry about the post installation hassles. The adapters are swift and simply feasible to operate.

Step III

After the installation of the driver (which will be done by your system in a matter of seconds), you are needed to click onto the ‘Start’ button displayed on the screen. After the completion of this step, you are required to navigate to the Control Panel of your system and click on the icon indicating ‘Printers’. If more than one printer is enclosed with the system then it is advisable to look for the button concerned with the Ricoh printers. The icon facilitating your wireless printer will be inside of this folder. Here, you can alter all the preferences within the settings as per your requirement.

Step IV

Now moving to the final step, you are required to plug the USB adapter of Bluetooth in order to establish the network connectivity with another system. The same concept is applicable if you are trying to make a network connection through a Smartphone, laptop or tablet onto a printer.

Just follow these steps and ensure your Ricoh printers to operate flawlessly in a wireless environment.

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