Car Insurance – Things To Consider.

Car Insurance – Things To Consider.
Whether you’re 17 or 70, chances are that you’ll be wanting to save money on your car insurance. If you’re the latter, it probably isn’t so much of a big deal but for many new drivers; you can expect to be parting with more cash for your premium than for the car itself! The majority of car insurance is being handled online these days, and there are several things that you should be aware of before you embark upon the long journey of searching for the cheapest deals!
With the comparison websites, it’s incredibly easy to compare the difference in price for different combinations of information. For example, you can see exactly how much money you’d save if you told the insurers that your car is parked in a garage, or that it’s fitted with an immobiliser and an alarm. The ease of being able to see the benefits often precedes the temptation to bend the truth to secure a cheaper monthly payment.

It’s worth noting than insurers don’t like paying out. Many of them will try and find a loophole to invalidate your claim and save them shelling out on repairs or replacements. Providing them with false information is a sure fire way for them to refuse you. It will be rare to see a windfall if you’ve lied about your circumstances, the small print often reads with something like;
“Incorrect or falsified information about the car, the driver and circumstances will lead to an invalidation of the claim.
Don’t be fooled into thinking that if you can prove it was a mistake, they’ll let you off. Triple check everything before you submit it.
The Secondary Driver Trick
This is an age old defiance of the insurers, and they will be out to catch you. Young drivers often register their cars in their parents’ name and claim as a second driver, but more often than not the parent doesn’t ever drive the car an inch. You can expect to see a hefty discount for this, but it amounts to the same as lying about your circumstances. If the insurers find out, say bye bye to your cover!
Price vs. Performance
Don’t just look for the cheapest deal, look for the best value for money. Low premiums are often low for a reason, be careful that the small print doesn’t tie you into a ridiculous scheme. Paying extra can often be justified by included breakdown cover, courtesy cars or the cost of legal issues.
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