Car Maintenance Tips For The Summer

Most people believe that it is during the winter months our car suffers the most however the hot summer months can equally affect your car. Therefore it is vital that you keep your car well maintained to cope with the weather.

You may have breakdown cover so you’ll never be left stranded but this can still be a great inconvenience. The chances of you breaking down over the summer months can be significantly reduced if the following car maintenance tips are taken care of.

Engine Coolant

An absolutely vital step to take to avoid breakdown during the summer is to ensure that your engine coolant level is at the correct level. If not you can expect a bill of up to £1,000. It is recommended to check your coolant level at least once a week during the hot summer months. Always check the coolant level when the car is cold, such as first thing of a morning. The level should be between the maximum and minimum marks. If this level drops significantly get it checked at your local garage because this is something that wouldn’t normally be expected from a healthy engine.

Cooling Fan

When your engine begins to overheat the cooling fan is activated. If the fan breaks the engine coolant can boil which in turn can damage the engine. You can check your engine fan by turning on your engine and the heater to cold. Leave it running for five minutes; if the temperature gauge goes above halfway seek assistance from a car repair garage.  


High temperatures during the summer months can often affect the pressure of your tyres. You should check that your tyres are correctly inflated on a regular basis to ensure they comply with manufacturer guidelines. The recommended PSI should be displayed on the side of the tyre and in the handbook. Correctly inflated tyres will also improve fuel efficiency.

Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is a great relief when stuck in a hot car. If you use your air conditioning frequently you should get it serviced every two years or 30,000 miles, whichever comes first. Before turning on your air conditioning open the window to see if you can cool down this way because air conditioning can considerably increase fuel consumption.

Air Filters

The air filters keep debris from the road from entering your car. The debris can clog the air filter which will restrict the air flow to the engine. Therefore it is important to replace the air filters in your car every 12 months during your annual service.


Check your oil levels frequently because there are numerous disasters that can occur if your car runs out of oil. There are also different oils that can be used between the summer and winter months. Ask at an oil supplier for the best oil for your car.

Jade is a regular advice blogger and believes that a regular visit to a car care centre will help to keep your vehicle in tip top condition.