Career Spotlight; How To Become A Professional Photographer

The fashion world is a diverse and exciting one with many different careers it offers. Obviously the most known and popular ones are as a fashion designer or model. Behind the scenes of the fashion world is the person who is just as vital to the industry, a fashion photographer. These are photographers that have branched off into fashion and are in charge of the compilations of images and the actual taking and developing of fashion photos. As much as the fashion on show communicates a certain message, the way in which a photo is composed and shown also signifies a creative concept and exudes a specific look and feel.  To become a professional and wanted fashion photographer, you don’t only have to be a world class photographer but someone who has an immense passion for fashion and art and someone who is able to tell a story and evoke emotion with their photos. In this article we are going to look at the simple ways one can become a professional fashion photographer.

How To Become A Professional Fashion Photographer

1. Education and training

Although passion and inherent talent are immensely important when it comes to becoming a fashion photographer, you can give yourself a head start by getting some training. Many institutes offer a course or even diploma in photography and many fashion schools offer fashion photography. While studying, also look at completing as many internships as possible, as real life experience, even if just as an intern, will look very good on your resume.

2. Start compiling your portfolio

A fashion photographer’s portfolio of work is their most important asset. You should start growing this portfolio during your studies. Photos should encompass your personal style and personality and focus on fashion photography. Even if it’s just your friends in clothing, this will show your talent and offering.  Be versatile and utilise different lighting, props and backgrounds.

3. An online presence

Because you will have many photos, is it a great idea to create a professional fashion photographer website so possible employees have a chance to browse your work anytime without having to set up meetings in their busy schedules. Create a website that reflects you and make it memorable. Include some information on yourself and get it listed in Google listings as well as look into SEO opportunities. Apart from having your website, always carry business cards around with you and a few samples of your fashion photography. You could also list with a fashion photographer agency just to get you started before you go out on your own and grow your customer base.

4. Network

In the fashion industry, the sentiment, ‘It’s not about what you do but who you know’, rings very true so networking is incredibly important. Get your name out there and meet the right people, go to the right parties and make friends with the right people.

Jemma Scott is a freelance writer with a passion for fashion. She looks at things like new trends such as designer belts as well as careers in the fashion industry.