Careful Planning Eliminates Stress From Moving

Moving ranks among the most stressful life changes that most people endure. For a period of time, things seem to be in a constant state of upheaval. It’s impossible to find even the most mundane, everyday items. Though everyone has probably experienced a move like that, moving does not have to be that way. In fact, with the right planning and preparation, moving can be a satisfying task.

Cleaning and Purging

Preparing a house for a move actually begins weeks in advance of the move date. Most people benefit by starting the process with cleaning out various areas of the house. Anyone who is a bit of a pack rat is likely to feel overwhelmed by the idea of going through all of their possessions and getting rid of anything that is no longer useful. However, the alternative is that all that clutter must be packed up and moved to the new house. With fewer possessions, the move becomes easier. Choose a particular room on which to focus efforts, sorting through items to determine whether they should be kept, donated or thrown away. Things that will be kept but are used infrequently can be immediately boxed for moving. As one room is completed, it’s time to move on to the next until the entire house is ready for packing.

Packing Tips

As the process of boxing possessions begins, it’s a good idea to keep a few indispensable tools on hand. Sturdy packing tape is essential and so is a black marker. Clearly mark each box with the name of the room in which the contents will belong in the new home. If possible, itemize the contents on the box, which saves the task of endlessly searching for one required item at the new home.

Necessary Supplies

Having the right moving supplies makes moving a snap. Today, a broad range of boxes and packing materials are widely available. Use padded boxes with sturdy dividers to pack delicate china, and take full advantage of moving supplies like bubble wrap to protect valuables. Sturdy, high quality boxes and packing materials may be all that stands between precious keepsakes and certain ruin.

Logistical Questions

Many homes have tight corners and small spaces through which furniture, boxes and appliances must be moved. Think ahead about any of these logistical questions to help eliminate obstacles on moving day. It may help to take a couple of doors off of their hinges. Alternatively, some furniture can be disassembled in preparation for the move. This may not be something that should be left for moving day. Instead, it makes sense to disassemble some furniture a day or two in advance to avoid a stressful rush at the last minute.

Frequently Used Items

Keep important documents and items that see everyday use within easy reach. These are the things that may prove to be indispensable in the new home. Having them readily available means achieving a sense of comfort on the first day in a new home.

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