Casts And Broken Bones

Some of the teens today think that having a cast is cool. It may mean that you are adventurous that is why you have a cast on your arm or leg. But having a cast on any part of your body is not that easy. When the doctors decide to give you a cast it is not because they want you to look cool but because you have a broken bone. This is why casts usually take a long time before they remove it. The doctors need to make sure that your bone is fully healed before they remove your cast.

The different types of casts

There are two different types of cast. There are fiberglass cast and the plaster cast. Although they are made of different materials, both of them still serve the same purpose and that is to immobilize the part of your body that needs to be healed.

1.     Fiberglass cast

This type of cast is lighter than the plaster cast and the X-ray could easily penetrate through it. In addition, this kind of cast also allows air to circulate within the cast. It is also available in different colors.

2.     Plaster cast

This is the usual kind of cast that is used and is much less expensive than the fiberglass. It is also easier to mold.

How to deal with an itchy cast

The duration on how long your cast will stay will depend on how long your bones heal. The doctors will regularly check on you to know your condition. During your wait for your bones to heal, you might feel itchiness underneath the cast. This is quite normal to feel but you can’t just scratch it. Here are some ways on how you deal with the itchiness.

  • Get your blow drier and use the cool function. Place it over where it itches. This should relieve some of the itchiness you are feeling
  • Cool down the area by applying an ice pack over it.
  • Ask your doctor for some medication because the itchiness may be due to an allergic reaction with the cast.

How to care for your cast

The cast can only do its job well if you know how to maintain it. You should keep these tips in mind so that you would be able make the best out of your cast.

  • Always keep your cast clean.
  • Ensure that your cast is not broken. Always check for cracks, because these could get larger if you do not do something about it.
  • Put padding on the edges to prevent it from scratching your skin.
  • When your skin itches, you should only blow cool air inside your cast. You should never use warm or hot air.
  • Prevent food from going inside your cast. This might attract insects to go into your cast and cause more trouble.
  • It is advised to elevate the cast so that the swelling will be lessened.
  • Make sure that proper circulation is still given to the area by moving your fingers or toes.

How to remove the cast

When your bones are fully healed, the doctors can now decide to remove your cast. You should let your doctors be the one to remove it because you could hurt yourself if you do it on your own. Most of the doctors will use a cast saw to help them remove the cast properly. Sometimes, after the cast is removed, a splint may be required to take its place. This will just ensure that your bones heal completely before you use them.

Life after the removal of the cast

Once your cast has been removed, you can now start to use that part of your body but it is not easy. Rehab sessions would be advised by your doctors so that you can slowly use your body again. The physical therapist will help you move it again by doing some exercise with it. They would also teach you different exercises that you could do on your own to ensure movement. Some people who just had their cast removed may be too afraid to move their limbs because it may be too painful for them. Going to the physical therapist will help you understand that your bone has already been healed and that it is really not painful when you use it.

Cast art

In the movies, we would see that their casts look unique and beautiful. Some of those who have casts will let people sign their cast. Some of them would also let their visitors write them a letter in their cast. Others also draw different pictures on the cast to make them look more beautiful. With the development of fiberglass casts, you can now choose what color of cast you want to have. With some markers and pens, you can now start creating a masterpiece out of your cast.

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