Celebrate The Monsoons With A Leisurely Drive To Chembra Hills Wayanad

At 2100 metres above sea-level, Chembra is the highest mountain peak in Wayanad and boasts of unlimited majestic views of nature at its best. Apart from being a trekker’s paradise, the Chembra Peak offers a unique experience when one is behind the wheel.An exhilarating drive up the winding road which leads to the top not only offers an adrenaline rush but also an opportunity to marvel at the natural beauty of the area. The town of Meppady comes alive during the monsoon as tourists’ line up to check out the heart-shaped Chembra Lake, which is reputed never to have dried up!

The Best Way to De-stress and Rejuvenate

The dense forests, the winding roads and the drizzling rain could be challenging for one, but if the vehicle has been maintained well and has a powerful engine with sturdy tires, the drive can be an exciting one. Travellers with a nomadic streak prefer to rent cars for self-drive and turn every trip into a memorable one by enjoying every single moment. One really wouldn’t want to journey to one of the most scenic places in Wayanad, cooped up in crowded buses while the wonderful option of taking a self-drive car is easily available.

Modern Travel needs the Best Car Rental

One can rent one of the self-drive cars Bangalore city is flush with, but new age travellers prefer car rentals like Zoomcar to partner them. The sole reason being the meticulously maintained fleet of hatchbacks, sedans and SUV, each one guaranteed to face any inclement weather that South India’s monsoon may present the tourists with. One can enjoy the privacy of a hired vehicle and experience the thrill one inevitably gets while driving through such scenic outdoors. Why fall prey to plans that weigh’s down one’s pocket while flexible plans give the option to choose as per group size and budget? One is also assured of complete peace of mind since on-road assistance ensures there are no delays or heartbreaks while on holiday.

Trekking and Self-drive- A Tantalising Combination

One has to trek their way up to the peak of the Chembra Mountain after experiencing driving in a comfortable vehicle of choice till the Meppady forest office. One can stop and appreciate the beauty of the heart-shaped lake that one encounters half-way up the peak. One can control the time spent at each location as a self-drive vehicle offers flexibility and control.