Change Your Shoes And Get The Emma Stone Look

   Do you love Emma Stone? This American actress is stylish and fun, garnering the attention of style mavens for her choice of both elegant and funky ladies shoes. You can get the Emma Stone look by focusing on your feet. You don’t need her red hair or her stylish, expensive celebrity clothing. Instead, feel a little Hollywood by treating your feet to the royal treatment. Who said that everyone couldn’t feel like a celebrity? It’s as easy as changing your footwear!

   Get the Emma Stone look and feel stylish and fashionable everywhere you go. Keep in mind that you should set a budget before you get started: You can look like a celebrity from your feet down, but you don’t want to spend like you have a celebrity budget!

   Look for knockoffs and shoes that look similar to the designer styles that Emma Stone selects for her Hollywood feet. The first thing, though, is to know exactly which type of design to look for. Emma Stone loves to wear ladies shoes that have a two- to three-inch heel, have a peep toe, and feature a thin ankle strap.

   Stone also loves classic colors when it comes to her shoes- a bold ruby red, a neutral beige, a sexy black with a ruffled toe flowers, and even classic black and white stripes. She also is known for her classic, everyday Oxfords; neutral colors such as beige and sea green are amongst her favoured trends. She loves Oxfords with thin laces or ribbon laces, for that extra feminine touch, and Oxfords with a little sexy twist – such as brown-laced, high-heeled Oxfords.

   Emma Stone also is known to wear boots. She has flat suede ankle boots in a neutral taupe color, flat, classic riding boots, and heeled grey suede ankle boots. This celebrity fashionista is all about classic, simple, yet still stylish ladies shoes.

   In the summer, her sandal shoe of choice is the thong. Select a simple black thong sandal with a flirty flower on the toe — another signature Emma Stone feature. She loves adding the feminine to her shoe choices, so anything with a ruffled bow or flower is going to be a good option for emulating her shoe style.

   Keep your shoe selections in fairly neutral and classic colors – think reds, browns, grays, taupes, and blacks.

   The next time you head out to the stores – or browse the online shoe galleries of your favorite store – think about Emma Stone’s style. You don’t have to have her salary, her lavish red hair, or her expensive designer clothes to feel like a celebrity. Get a little Hollywood by treating your feet to a new pair of heels or boots inspired by this funky, fun, and elegant American actress! Getting the Emma Stone look is as easy as using a little creativity and emulating the great style of an excellent actress! You’ll feel great about your feet and your legs as you experiment with different styles of Emma Stone-inspired shoes – from high strappy heels to flat ankle boots. Who is that? Emma Stone? You’ll be able to tell by looking at your feet!

Kieron Casey is a fashion and style writer who writes about the latest trends in women’s shoes and heels.