Chicago vs. New York vs. Boston

Not all pizzas are created equal. Different cities produce very distinctive pies with unique tastes that make them special.
Chicago Deep Dish
Chicago is primarily known for its deep dish style. The crust can be up to 3 inches tall at the edge forming a bowl to hold the other ingredients. This style pizza uses a great deal of cheese and lots of thick chunky tomato sauce. Pizza lovers in Chicago eat this pizza with a knife and fork. Chicago is also known for its stuffed pizza which is very similar to the deep dish style. The main difference is that stuffed pizza is even deeper than deep dish pizza. It is also eaten with a knife and fork. If it’s a thin crust pizza that you want then Chicago has it as well. The crust on this pizza is extremely crunchy. Lots of sauce is used and the tomato sauce is chunk free. Thin crust pizza in Chicago is cut into squares before serving.
New York Style
New York pizza has a very distinctive puffy outer crust that is dark brown in color. The thickness of the crust slims down towards the middle of the pie. New York pizza is cooked directly on the oven floor. No pans are ever used in the cooking process. The slices are large, wide and foldable. If you can’t fold it, it’s not a New York pizza. The dough has a very unique taste that some attribute to the New York City water supply. The dough is always hand tossed and the application of sauce is done with a light touch. Mozzarella is the traditional cheese used. Condiments such as grated Parmesan cheese, red chili pepper flakes, oregano and granulated garlic are sprinkled on the pizza after it is served. New York is also known for its Sicilian pies. They are very thick pies cut into square slices.
Boston Thin Crust
Boston style pizza is usually described as a Greek type of pie. The crust is thin and very chewy. The pie is never baked directly on the oven floor, but rather in a heavily oiled pan. Boston pizza makers use lots of oregano in their recipe. They also use a blend of mozzarella cheese and cheddar cheese, which is a real departure from either New York or Chicago pizza. Traditional toppings are used but sometimes the toppings sit below the thick layer of cheese. The crust is always very oily.
There definitely are distinct differences between the pizzas from Chicago, New York and Boston. The one thing they all have in common is great taste. Buon Appetito!
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