China Quality Control To Maintain Quality While Manufacturing Products

China Quality Control To Maintain Quality While Manufacturing Products

There have been a number of high profile cases of poor quality control in China. This has raised the question about how the products they source from China would meet their safety and health requirements. It is, therefore, essential that the product quality be audited. Even though the companies in China manufacture products that are safe, it is imperative that due diligence be done in order to ensure quality. Here is how it can be done.

Visit the Factory in Person

Visit the site of manufacture of the Chinese company that you wish to source your products from. Do not rely on the information that has been provided on trade websites or over the internet. Moreover, if you do happen to make a trip to China to visit the company, make sure you not only visit the corporate offices of the company, but also the factory site. When you go and visit the factory, you can ensure whether the company is a legitimate business entity or not and that it manufactures products according to the company’s standards. If you cannot send your own company representative to the site, then you should hire a professional quality control checker to go to the site on your behalf. A China quality control executive will be able to inspect the quality of the site and would have the technical knowledge to inspect the company site.

Check the Company’s Background

Apart from visiting the factory, you should also consider checking the background of the company. You should also request quality control case studies and references so that you can find out the history of the company with the other companies that it supplies goods to. By checking with the previous clients of the company, you can find out more about the quality control policies of the company as well as whether the company will meet your company’s manufacturing standards.

Communicate Standards

Even if it has been determined that the company in China has high manufacturing standards, it is important to communicate your company’s standards to them. Your company should develop and maintain a good relationship with the Chinese company as a part of this process. This will make it easier for the companies to understand each other. When you build a positive relationship with the other company, you can feel comfortable doing business with them and they can also clearly understand your business standards.

Monitor the Manufacturing Process

Your company should have a qualified representative or staff to monitor the manufacturing process in person. This can help you ensure quality even if you are working for the first time with this company. Despite having verified the credentials of the company, you should still consider operating on the principle of “trust, but verify” You could even have a China quality control company take the necessary steps for you by checking whether the company really meets your manufacturing standards. Moreover, when you have someone verify the credentials of the company along with checking their manufacturing standards, you can rest assured that you would get only quality products in exchange for money.