Choose A Fitness Program That Suits You Best

Choose A Fitness Program That Suits You Best

 Believe it or not, being fit is easy. To be precise, it becomes easy once you understand what type of workout is best for you. The world of fitness is vast and often confusing, especially if you never worked out before. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to exercise and to even enjoy getting fit, but only if you are realistic about your goals and your preferences. Now, don’t forget that essence of becoming and remaining fit is about effort and hard work, but the good news is that it becomes quite a pleasant routine once you find a fitness program that suits you best.

Never worked out before?

No wonder you feel overwhelmed. The mere thought of gym makes you cringe, while all other activities seem like torture. Worry not, because there are ways to avoid the agony of heavy exercising while getting in shape. The point is (and is highly recommendable) to start slowly by simply changing your daily routine. Include more movement like walking and opt for low-impact activities like cycling, swimming or hiking. Once you get used to being active, increase the intensity and set higher goals that will be easy to reach. Always strive for more, but be realistic and don’t push too hard, especially in the beginning.

Wish to gain strength and maintain weight?

Powerlift will build up your strength, but there are other ways to improve and to develop new skills that will strengthen your whole body (and heart), burn fat, build muscles, improve flexibility and coordination. If that is what you want, opt for CrossFit. It is a high-intensity strength and conditioning training that takes on a full-body workout with or without equipment. CrossFit is perfect for those who have some fitness experience, but still quite scalable and open to newbies.

Wish for body and mind benefits?

If you wish to improve your health, work on your body and personal growth, then it is time to turn to Eastern disciplines and their techniques. Unlike many fitness programs, yoga, Tai chi, and Qigong focus on the wellness of your whole being, not just the body. Each training session is beneficial to your body, of course, but also your mind, breathing, and nervous system. Additionally, each of these disciplines offers a unique insight into Eastern spirituality and the complex philosophy around it. However, if looking for a more dynamic approach, keep in mind that some martial arts can also be very beneficial to both, body and mind.

All you want is to lose some weight, right?

Aside from finding the best fitness program, you will have to change your eating habits. Any workout routine you choose may be ineffective if you continue to treat yourself with big packs of junk food. However, perfect activities for weight loss are running, swimming, jump rope, interval training and Tabata. Avoid processed food, eat a lot of fibers and treat yourself with chocolate protein powder when you skip a meal since high protein diet will make you burn fat much faster. Consider some boot camp classes.

Are your more into dancing than exercising?

No problem. Dancing is quite demanding and exhausting physical activity that can get you well in shape while strengthening your body. Look at the professional dancers and see how athletic they are. Everything about dancing sounds great since you move to the beat, burn calories and get to socialize. If this sounds good, try Zumba. It is a dance workout that incorporates certain choreography moves and is quite popular, especially among women. If you are not into Latin sounds like salsa, merengue or flamenco, try your luck with hip-hop, swing or ballroom dancing. Rest assured that you will lose weight, improve your cardio endurance and strengthen your core while having fun.


Finding ideal fitness program is not easy, so don’t give up immediately. Start with something and if it doesn’t work, change it. Know your limits and listen to your body. Set your goals, be persistent and eventually, you will feel comfortable in your routine. Creating a habit of workout is a half the battle, so, later on, you will feel a genuine urge to exercise.