Choose Decorative Tile Or Laminate Flooring For Your Home

When it comes to home renovations, one of the hardest decisions may involve choosing what type of flooring your want in your home. You have to consider how much wear-and-tear certain areas of the house will see, if the room will experience a lot of moisture from faucets and occasional food/drink spills, and if the flooring will fit into the decor of the room.

When choosing between tile flooring or laminate flooring, residents should consider the ease of cleaning the floor and the comfort factor. You’ll basically want to stick with carpeting in kids’ bedrooms and playrooms, since children can be very active and need those soft fibers as a cushion for accidental falls. But you can add tile flooring and laminate flooring in a number of other places in your home.

Bathrooms: You’ll have to take into consideration that the room will generate a lot of moisture all year round. You also have to be careful of excess water on the floor if a pipe bursts or the toilet backs up. When it comes to tile flooring Chicago residents are choosing this over other types of floor alternatives. It can be a bit harder to clean, but it isn’t as slippery as the traditional vinyl flooring. Place down rugs to dry feet when stepping out the shower or standing by the sink.

Kitchens: A kitchen has the most amount of foot traffic. Both laminate and tile flooring work well in this room. They handle messes with a quick cleanup, and the non-slip surfaces offer safety when cooking. You can match the color of tile flooring to accent the decorative counter tops. Place rugs along laminate floors near the sink area and any doors leading outside to catch dirt.

Living Rooms and Dining Rooms: Many people will place the same flooring into both the living and the adjacent dining room. Laminate flooring is a great choice in both rooms, giving them a warm and inviting feeling to family and guests. It is durable against foot traffic and can match the rooms’ decor for a trendy look.

Patios: Although patios aren’t inside homes, it’s still important that they have the right flooring. Patios also receive a good amount of foot traffic. Additionally, outdoor floors need to be able to withstand any weather conditions – so tile may be your better option here. However, laminate could still be a great choice if you opt for a covered patio.

Whether you are interested in laminate or tile flooring, flooring companies will have a large variety to choose from based on color, thickness, and size. Consider the look you want in the specific room and choose the tile or laminate that’s right for you.

Bryan Grayson writes about laminate flooring and floor installation around the country.