Choose Glass Pool Fencing For Increased Safety

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Swimming pools are one of the most attractive features of a house. They are also slightly dangerous and are prone to accidents if you have kids and pets at home. In fact, though it may sound ridiculous, spotting a crocodile in the backyard pool is not something new for many people. Thus, what you need is a good fencing around your pool. There are many options when it comes to pool fencing such as wood, aluminum, steel and plastic. However, one common problem that remains with all of them is the fact that they obstruct view to the most beautiful part of your house. Pools are not just meant for swimming but they also make for the lovely outdoor setting for parties, family get together, outdoor activities or even just spending time with your family. A solution to this problem would be glass pool fencing. Allowing light to pass through and not obstructing the view, these fencings add an element of elegance to the whole exterior of the house.

Here are some points to explain why you should consider glass fencing for pools more than the others:

  • Wood is too heavy. Aluminum is done and over with. Cyclone fencing looks cheap. Glass pool fencing performs this job perfectly fine and it also makes you free of all the troubles associated with the other types.
  • They are transparent and so the elders can keep an eye on children playing in the pool, it will be difficult for anyone or anything to come and settle near the pool without your consent and other such facilities.
  • These are aesthetically appealing and durable, thus serving all purposes in one package.
  • There are many kinds of glass pool fences such as frameless, fully frameless and semi-frameless. You also get the options for colors of the frames, size and shapes of the glass and more. You can find something for every taste. Some come with decorative connectors between the different pieces of glass in the fencing.
  • You can get custom made pool fencings from glass to incorporate stones in them. This further improves the look.
  • In some countries, legal guidelines compel you to install pool fences. Check out if the place you live in have something of this sort and follow the governmental instructions regarding this, the safety and precautionary measures with care.

You might also be confused about how to find the right glass pool fencing for your house. So, here are some steps that you may need to follow in your search:

  • Nowadays, almost everything is available. Look up manufacturing and retailing companies of glass pool fencings. Read up on their backgrounds and shortlist few names.
  • The next step is to get in touch with them and ask questions. Clear your queries, ask them whether they offer free inspections or not. Let them take a look at your pool and suggest what kind of glass fencing you should be installing and take a quotation from each company.
  • Meanwhile, you should learn about the various kinds of glass pool fencings and find out a kind which will suit your interests the most.
  • Draw up a budget and keep a slightly flexible end for decorations and add-ons.
  • When choosing a supplier, make sure that these products follow the legal rules of safety and precautions associated with pool fencing.
  • Opt for self-opening and closing systems over manual ones for greater safety.
  • Be present during the time and process of installation.

Remember to clean the glass fencing in order to keep up the appearance since the dust on the glass will make it look ugly.