Choose The Right Desks To Fit Your Students’ Needs

If you add up all of the hours children spend behind a desk or a table, the sum might be astonishingly large. Kids spend a great deal of time at school from the time they enter preschool until well beyond high school graduation. Education is a huge aspect of our children’s lives so it makes sense to invest in all the necessary equipment and supplies to help each child succeed. Students’ desks need to be functional and comfortable enough so students aren’t distracted by how uncomfortable their chairs or desks may be. In order to focus wholly on the task at hand, students must have the right desks. Children’s needs will obviously vary, depending on their ages and levels of education.

Preschool and Kindergarten

Preschool-aged children spend a great deal of time exploring with hands-on activities. You will find most preschool settings outfitted with tables and chairs that can easily accommodate large-scale messes. In order to provide maximum comfort for the students, preschool desks and tables should be small compared to the adult-sized versions. Students need to be able to reach the surfaces without having to climb on chairs that are too big or tables that are too tall.

Elementary and Middle School

As kids enter elementary school, they are growing and changing. By the time kids enter first grade, the typical seating scenario involves individual desks and chairs for each child. Some desks feature a lift-up lid where supplies are stores underneath the work surface. Other models include a storage cubby along the side of the desk for students’ books and supplies. One key feature for young student’s desks should be adjustable heights to accommodate a wide range of students both short and tall. Chairs should be comfortable and also adjustable to meet the height of the desk.

High School

High school students are getting closer to adulthood and they show it by their size. By the time many students reach high school, they are closing the gap between their heights and the heights of their parents. They have most likely outgrown the desks of their childhoods and need something larger and more comfortable. Depending on the class, full-sized tables are often a comfortable option for high school students who are working on group projects or science experiments. Single desks need to be large and tall enough to accommodate even the tallest athlete’s legs. The chairs should be comfortable and ergonomic to avoid potential back problems.

There are many options in carefully designed student desks today. Students should no longer have to endure hard, uncomfortable seats with little to no back support, feet that dangle to the floor but don’t touch or writing surfaces that are too high to reach comfortably.

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