Choosing A Back To School Computer

School is going to be going back before you know it. It always seems like the summer just flies by. Last semester, you realized that your laptop just wasn’t going to be with you for another semester and that before you went back to school in the fall, you were going to have to buy a new one. My brother who is a police officer just bought his son a new computer for school, and I am jealous! It happens all the time. Choosing a laptop is not an easy chore and can often times leave you leaving the store without purchasing one because you are so confused. Choosing a laptop does not have to be hard if you know what you want. Here are some ideas to ponder. 


If you are already familiar with Apple computers and you have used a Mac in the past, you may find that you really like using one and want to continue. Macs tend to cost a bit more than PCs, but they are well worth the price. A MacBook is built to last and with different models that you can choose from, you can be sure that your computer will do everything you need it to do. Macs do not run on Windows like a PC does so you will notice that things are a bit different but in many instances easier. Macs have many great programs on them as well that you will not find on PCs. If you want a MacBook that does everything you could imagine a laptop would do, you could purchase a MacBook Pro. These are also great because they are cased with aluminum for added protection. There are also the standard MacBooks and the light, yet totally efficient MacBook Airs. All of these would be great choices. 


If you have always been someone who used a PC, you may want to continue using a PC. Dell, HP and Toshiba are all great companies that manufacture laptops. HP has some really nice laptops on the market right now. You could purchase a HP Pavilion G6. This computer does so many things and they come in cute colors and designs for no added cost. Dell makes many different models of laptops and now has one similar to the MacBook Air. They also come in various fun colors and Dell even makes lid covers so you can jazz up your laptop. Additionally, Toshiba makes great laptops that are beautifully colored and are reasonably priced. Most PCs run on Windows 7. 

If you are really confused about what laptop you want to purchase, there is nothing wrong with heading out to a store and checking out different models. Ask a store employee to help you decide which is the best computer for you. As was previously mentioned, if you’ve always used a Mac, you may want to stick with a Mac. If you have always used a PC, you may want to stick with a PC. No matter which computer you choose, you will have made a great purchase for back to school! 

Kenny D. loves all things that have to do with technology.