Choosing A Proper International Shipping Company For Your Oversized Equipment And Machinery

If you’re a business looking to ship heavy machinery or equipment overseas, you cannot use a standard shipping company.  In certain cases items such as construction equipment, machinery and heavy duty trucks, will not fit in standard containers and require breakbulk or roll-on / roll-off shipping services.  Even inland hauling of heavy equipment to the port requires knowledge of local state laws and regulations and an understanding of what type of hauling equipment is needed to move your cargo.  There are many international heavy equipment shipping companies that are available to assist you in transporting your not so ordinary items.  Use the tips below to select a carrier who will meet and exceed your expectations.
Choose an international transport company that has many years of experience in the industry.  The more experience the company has, the more likely they will be able to help achieve your desires.  It is not easy to ship large construction equipment and machinery, and there are many difficulties involved in the process.  An experienced international shipping company that has been in business for many years will be able to prevent mishaps from occurring.  Furthermore, a reputable company with several years of experience should be able to find proper solutions for any obstacles that may occur.  You always want to make sure you are in capable hands.
From when your cargo leaves your door to when it arrives overseas, there are many fine details in between when it comes to shipping oversized equipment and machinery.  You can tell how knowledgeable an international shipping company is from the very start.  If the company is picking up your equipment from your door you should always check what type of equipment they will use to haul your machinery.  Oftentimes there are inland permit requirements when transporting large items including highway weight permits, oversized permits and police escorts.  You want to select a carrier who is knowledgeable of the rules and laws of the areas that your items will be moving through.  Inland hauling companies should be able to apply for all necessary permits.  When permits are not handled properly, you risk the chance of delays in delivery time, missing your scheduled vessel and additional costs.
A knowledgeable international shipping company will also know the best way to ship your oversized cargo.  The international shipping process begins with determining what type of equipment and which method is best for shipping your item.  The company should provide you with the best option for shipping heavy equipment whether it is on a flatrack, breakbulk or ro/ro.  Additionally, the best overseas transport companies know the port should be ready to receive your items.  Oversized construction equipment and machinery oftentimes require additional handling at the port including lift services utilizing a forklift or crane and in many cases may even require a delivery appointment at the pier.  A knowledgeable carrier can make the difference between a nightmare export experience and a smooth, pleasant one.
Professional & Affordable
Choose to work with a company that has professional employees who care about getting your shipment to the destination promptly and safely.  Does someone answer the phone when you call or does it go to a generic machine?  Are you shuffled back and forth between several employees?  You want to make sure you work with a company that has a set employee ready to help you with your shipment.  You also want to work with a shipping company that has affordable rates.  Research the different companies and see which ones will work within your budget.  However, do not always settle for the cheapest company!  The biggest mistake most exporters make is using the cheapest service.  Compare your various quote, does the cheapest price seem outlandish?  It probably is. The most important thing is to make sure you use a company that offers you a reasonable price and expertise service.

Now that you are aware of how to choose the best heavy equipment shiping company, start your research.  Keep in mind you’re not working with an ordinary shipping carrier and that you have special requirements that need to be met to get the job done.  Research companies and speak to others in the business to see which companies they work with.  The best way to find a reliable international shipping company is to ask for references.  It is possible to find a shipping company that is experienced, knowledgeable, professional and affordable.

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