Choosing An Appropriate Cremation Urn For Any Pet

Cremation Urn For Pet

For the animal lovers among us, our pets are very much a part of our family. We love them like we would a child and in return they offer us unwavering devotion and companionship. Considering this, it should go without saying that when the time comes for our pets to pass away we want to be able to memorialize them just as we would any other member of our family. This is why there has been a steady increase in the number of services offering pet cremation and/or burial in recent years.

Choosing Cremation for Your Pet

In the past, it was standard to bury a pet in the back yard, but as a society we have changed and are no longer as static as we once were. We move around a lot more and as a result we may be faced with having to leave our pet’s remains behind when we move on. This is one of the main reasons why pet cremation has become far more popular as it allows us to make the remains more portable. It is also great for those who feel uncomfortable with the idea of leaving a beloved pet to decompose in the ground.

There are an ever increasing number of pet crematoriums, and some local human ones will also allow animal cremations if there is no pet one in the area. It is also possible to cremate a pet at home, there are no laws against it. However, be aware that this may be fairly traumatic to witness so using a pet crematorium is a far better choice.

Memorializing your Pet With A Funeral Urn

If you do decide to go ahead with a cremation for your pet then you will also need to think about how you will store the cremains. Some people will scatter the ashes or perhaps bury them, but most prefer to seal the remains in an urn which can be displayed in the home as a constant memorial to their beloved pet.

Choosing the right urn can be tricky as they come in so many different shapes and sizes. Just take a look at the many pet cremation urns from Stardust for an example of the wide choice available to you. One of the first things you need to think about is of course the size. It goes without saying that a small cat is not going to generate the same volume of cremains that a large breed of dog would! In general, you need to allow 1-2 cubic inches for every pound of the animal’s weight. So a 12 pound cat would require an urn of 12 to 24 cubic inches in volume while a 50 pound dog would require one that is 50 to 100 cubic inches. It is always better to overestimate than under so that there is no overflow.

The next thing to think about is your pet’s individual personality. You will want something which reflect who they were if you are to properly memorialize them. For example, if your dog was always eagerly awaiting your return with a wagging tail then you might want something fun and quirky, while owners of an uppity cat who strutted around like the queen might want something elegant and statuesque.

It is also wise to account for your own preferences too since you will be the one looking at it day after day. Think about where you will display the urn so that it fits in with the décor. You will want to consider not only the style but also the materials used in its construction which might range from wood and stone to metal and glass. The material you choose may be dictated by what you intend to do with the urn. If it is to be displayed outdoors then you need to choose a durable material which will withstand the elements, but an urn intended for indoor use can be more delicate.

Whatever you choose, the most important thing is that you feel that your choice appropriately represents your beloved pet and acts as a fitting memorial for him or her. Our pets deserve as much respect as the human members of our family and with a beautiful memorial you can show that you value them as much as any other family member.