Choosing Educational Books for Children

It is important for parents to develop the reading habit early, although it is not yet the time for toddlers to have the ability to intellectually and verbally read. In many cases, it is shown that toddlers who are given books with pictures and text in them will be able to read and write faster, because they are already familiar with books. They will also become familiar with the shape of letters, numbers and special characters. It means that children will be able to learn to read and write faster. Children should strive to achieve an overall positive effect of reading and this could be achieved only by early familiarization to letters and numbers. Parents could read aloud to children, about 20 minutes each day and this could equate to about 3-4 short stories. It means that parents can read aloud one story in the morning, afternoon and night each.

First graders who have higher reading scores are those who are familiar with colourful magazines, encyclopedia and other books, although they still don’t comprehend them. In any case, toddlers should actively engage with at least 3 books at a time. When they seem to crave for more books, parents should provide them. Having books for children is essential and by providing books with diverse topics, parents will know about the preferences of their children. Some books provide children with real, hard facts about knowledge, while others could help them build moral values and instil confidence.

It is also a good idea to provide children with books with completely new, unfamiliar topics. This could excite them with brand new ideas. For parents, buying children books can be somewhat prohibitively costly. Children books are often more expensive that those paperbacks and children will eventually outgrow their favourite books. In this case, we should consider borrowing children books from the local public library. Bookstores could also put older children books in the discount bins, so we should choose them instead. We should also go to garage sales and ask sellers whether they have toddler books. Book exchange program in the neighbourhood is also a low-cost way of getting plenty of books with little investment. Online book sellers may have specific bargain sections that could allow us to purchase many books at much lower costs.

We should keep children books in special areas of the house and children should be able to access them easily. Shelves shouldn’t too high up that children need a stool to reach books. There are small, colourful bookcase that can be placed on the floor. There’s nothing more gratifying for parents than seeing children reading books with so much enthusiasms and motivation. We should also know what makes good books. These books should be durable to withstand abuse, as well as providing rich information, without overwhelming children. There should also be enough colourful pictures. Text should also be written with larger text to make it easy for children to recognize characters and start reading.