Choosing The Best Dog To Own In A Condo

Whether you are just now in the process of shopping for your first condo, or are already settled in, if you are considering the option of adopting a dog, then you are probably wondering what the best breed to have is for a condo owner. After all, with most condos, you will not have your own yard immediately outside of your front or back door, which can make being a dog owner a little bit more difficult. In addition, if your condo community has an association, then there is a good chance that there are some breed or size restrictions regarding the certain breeds you may own. So before you adopt a dog, be sure to become familiar with these rules and regulations if they apply to your community.

Smaller Size
The best dogs for a condo owner to have are those that are smaller in size. After all, condos typically range from being anywhere from 1,000 square feet to 2,000 square feet, which may not be large enough for a full-sized dog to roam around in. For this reason, a Chihuahua can make for a great choice for anyone who owns a condo. They do not require a lot of space to roam around in, typically do not need to be let outside very often, and are a bundle of energy. The only thing to be careful of, if you choose to adopt one, is that they can be quite loud and yappy. This can be a problem if you have neighbors close by in your condo with poor insulation in the walls.
For those who are looking for less of a “toy” or “lap” dog and something a little bit larger, a pug can be a great option. These dogs tend to be very quiet and do not bark often, so you will not have to worry about possibly disturbing your neighbors. In addition, these dogs tend t be very laid back and do not require too much space since they are smaller. And for those condo owners who also love cats, they are one of the best breeds to get along with other animals, especially felines.
Finally, another great option for a dog breed to adopt is the Schipperke. These are larger than the pug and Chihuahua and are known for being extremely intelligent and great watch dogs. They are also quite energetic, so they may need to be taken outside more than the smaller dogs. However, since the dog breed does not grow to be very large, they can get a good amount of indoor play as well, as long as they have their own space. These dogs are great for condo owners for their friendliness and loyalty.
Overall, choosing a dog breed as a condo owner is not always easy. However, there are many breeds, such as the ones listed above, that have been known to be a great choice. Be sure to visit some local shelters and find the dog that will be a perfect companion for you.
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