Choosing The Right Lifting Gear

When carrying out a construction job lifting gear needs to be utilised for heavy lifting and for getting materials up and down scaffolding. In many cases it’s not always practical or the best choice in terms of budget to buy the equipment you need which is when lifting gear hire can be a better choice.
If you’re about to embark on a job and are wondering what kind of lifting gear you will need then take a look at our handy guide to get you started.

Machinery for handling heavy materials

When carrying out construction workers need to keep in line with health and safety laws, this means there will be a limit to the amount of weight you can carry. For very heavy or hard to handle materials heavy lifting gear needs to be used.
This can include equipment such as booms, floor cranes, fork extensions, pipe cradles and Genie Super lifts and load plates.


You can hire both powered and manual winches depending on the type of job you need to carry out. They can be lightweight and portable or high speed and heavy duty. You can also hire a range of accessories that are designed to be used in conjunction with your winch.


You can hire powered and manual hoists for different purposes. In general all types of hoist will come equipped with wire ropes or chains and can lift weights from 500 kilogram’s to fifty tonnes.
You can also hire builder’s hoists, wire rope hoists, power operated hoists, electric chain hoists, air chain hoists, scaffold hoists and lever hoists.
When choosing a hoist the weight of the materials that need to be lifted must be carefully calculated to ensure that the hoist is suitable for the job.

Loose Gear and Slings

Loose gear and slings are used for lifting very heavy materials. Chain slings can be hired in various lengths and can be used for several types of jobs including wheelbarrow lifting and pipe lifting.

Hiring Lifting Gear

When hiring lifting gear you need to make sure you get the right equipment for the job and that you have properly qualified staff that have been trained to use the kit. When you consult a lifting gear hire company they will be able to provide you with advice and guidance on the equipment you need and in some cases will be able to provide staff, such as crane drivers, to work on the job for you.
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