Choosing The Right Workout Clothes For Each Exercise (And Why It’s Important)

Exercising can be so much easier if you are wearing the right workout clothes. The appropriate clothing can help your performance and endurance while making you feel more comfortable during your workout. Not all clothes are appropriate for all workouts.
Each exercise requires a specific type of clothing and gear to allow the particular movements and performance necessary for that workout. Finding the right material (stretchy, waterproof, etc.), the right fit (loose, tight, etc.) and the right performance (lightweight, breathable, etc.) will ensure that you are prepared and comfortable enough to put in the work. Preparation is half the battle.

Finding the Perfect Yoga Pants
Yoga involves a lot of stretching and extending the body into poses. During your yoga workout you want to be relaxed and meditating rather than worried about your clothes hiking up. Yoga pants are a definite must for this workout because they are made with a higher waistline and are made with materials that stay put. You also want to wear tops that are a bit longer and tight so they won’t fly up during your poses.
Running Around for the Right Style
When you are running, you want to be comfortable and don’t want anything limiting your movement. If you are running outdoors, shorts are a good option during the warmer months so you don’t get hot. You also want to wear tops that are not too tight or loose and don’t move around.
Kicking Around Bootcamp and Kickboxing Clothes
If you are doing these high intensity, you also have to have a lot of freedom of movement. Look for sleeveless tops that will allow you to easily move your arms and bottoms that you can bend, jump, and squat with.
Look Striking While Biking
The best exercise clothes for biking are fitted and made of spandex so they won’t be waving around in the air when you are cycling. Look for pants that are high-waisted so you don’t have to worry about your bottom being exposed. For females, ankle pants are a good option so you don’t have your skin rubbing on the seat and you don’t have the hem of your pants hitting your bike pedals.
If you are going shopping for workout clothes, keep in mind the type of exercise that you will be doing. Purchase clothes that fit you and feel comfortable. Never wear clothes that are too tight or too big because they will limit your performance when working out. Look for clothes made with materials that are light and breathable.
Bree is a fitness nut and blogger who collaborates with workout clothes site to bring consumers the latest and greatest in exercise apparel.