Christ Church, Shimla: Exploring An Architectural Marvel

Christ Church, Shimla: Exploring An Architectural Marvel

The capital of the north Indian state of Himachal Pradesh, the picturesque hill station of Shimla is surrounded by the lofty mountains of the Himalaya.  Shimla tour packages have been the grapevine among the tourists. From explored to less explored, the attractions in Shimla range in numbers and variance. Among many attractions in and around Shimla, Christ Church is one of the favourite destinations of people of all age groups.

The Christ Church is the second oldest church in the entire northern India is best known for its architectural beauty. It was built in 1857 and stands as the remainder of the British era, which took 13 years to complete. The church glows with elegance and looks absolutely magical during the night time. Located at the most prominent road of Shimla, The Ridge, the appearance and the stunning location make this church Shimla’s most popular landmark.

The stained glass windows of the church represent different virtues of Christianity including faith, hope, charity, fortitude, patience, and humanity. The church bells, the front porch, the clock everything about this church is fascinating and represents the rich historical significance of this place. The fresco surrounding chapel window was designed by Lockwood Kipling, father of Rudyard Kipling. The building has a Neo-Gothic style of architecture and holds a great collection of books and ancient scriptures. A grand library was built in 1910 by James Ransome, is located next to the church. It also houses the largest pipe organ of India.

How to Reach Christ Church

The church is accessible from all parts of the town. The church is located near the ridge and is close to the Shimla US Club. If you are planning to stay somewhere in the centre part of Shimla, the church is only 3.5 km away. You can also hire taxis to reach the place. You need to take NH 22 and turn to the circular road that directly leads to the Ridge if you are coming straight from the railway station.

Where to Stay

If you are planning to stay somewhere near the church, The Hotel Willow Banks, The Cedar Grand Hotel and Spa, Hotel Combermere, Honeymoon Inn, Hotel Surya are some of the great options within one kilometre of the church.

Due to its extreme proximity to Shimla, the Christ Church is included in almost every Shimla tour packages. The tranquil beauty of Shimla is sure to give you numerous reasons to enjoy your stay at this place.

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