Christmas Home Decor Basics

As the holiday season approaches, thoughts turn to Christmas home décor in a quest to transform the home into a festive and welcoming haven. With a little creativity, Christmas decorations outdoor and indoor can be elegant and tasteful without breaking the bank.

Christmas Color
When one ponders holiday decorations, mental images are fraught with traditional red and green combinations. Christmas home décor is no longer restricted to this palette. In fact, a room that is normally decked in neutral hues offers opportunities for exciting new color choices. Consider royal burgundy accessories with gold accents, or a combination of two or three different shades of green paired with silver.
Local craft shops, discount stores, and Christmas boutiques offer a host of color-coordinated Christmas home accessories and ornaments. Ensembles covering any desired color scheme, including pink, purple and blue, easily infuse Christmas home décor into any room. By adding coordinating toss pillows and floral arrangements, glittery gold or silver wicker baskets and holiday figurines on the shelves, the room takes on a Christmas ambience with no need for drastic makeovers. Select at least one sofa pillow that is lavishly ornate, such as one made of a shimmery fabric or trimmed with glittery beads or gold tassels.
Deck the Halls (And Deck)
The natural appearance of botanicals throughout the home imparts a soothing atmosphere. Floral Christmas displays are not limited to poinsettias. Arrangements of various red and white blooms add a splash of bright color. Christmas home décor comprised of pine or spruce garland provides visual and aromatic appeal. Drape swags of evergreen up staircase banisters, across fireplace mantels, over railings, and across the tops of dressers and armoires. The garland can be embellished with strategically spaced pinecones, velvet bows, festive picks or Christmas ornaments.
Christmas decorations outdoor begin with the same treatment of festooning evergreen garland across deck railings, around entrance doors, and up the front step banisters. If a fence graces the front of the property line, dress that up as well. Secure the garland into place with red or burgundy bows. Embedding strings of clear lights will give Christmas decorations outdoor a welcoming sensation to all who pull into the driveway on those dark December evenings. Don’t forget to hang a wreath on the front door. Wreaths can be purchased already trimmed and ready to hang, or they can be created with decorative picks and ornaments from a craft store.
Cozy Kitchen
While holiday guests tend to gather around the sparkling Christmas tree and warming fireplace hearth for gift exchanges and social mingling, the kitchen is still the heart of the home where people tend to come together. Give the kitchen a festive feel by displaying holiday themed mugs, cookie jars, pot holders, towels, and serving trays. Fill in that space between the cabinets and the ceiling with evergreen.
Christmas decorations outdoor should joyously welcome guests to the door like the offering of a warm embrace. Christmas home décor should project a festive and heartwarming environment. Christmas decorating should be approached with a creative personal touch contributed by the members of the home.
Max Green is a freelance writer and craftsman selling his various Christmas Collections online.