Classifications Of Various Types Of Articles In Academia

Writing involves different types of classifications and understanding of the students. It usually caters to the fact that different articles have different genres and nature. When we sit down to write them, it incorporates different understanding and execution. Based on the nature of each article, the approach and methodology relate a lot to the extent of the topic coverage and the way it is covered. For example, while writing an essay based on arguments, you will have to first develop a methodology to represent each and every argument, and while writing a summary about a book, you will first implement the methodology of clearly understanding the book itself.

So this makes it clear, that article writing comes in different forms and shapes. Their quality is based on the right approach you take. It not only requires you to think clearly and correctly along the lines, but also your knowledge about the article should be very crisp and clear. When students attempt to write something, they should first put their focus on defining the area they have to cover and then start putting their words on the paper. Today our article, will talk about classifications of various types of articles that students come across in academia and how can they approach each of those articles in order to write with quality.

Research/ Empirical Article

Articles that deal with different data usage, analysis and research in order to find something based on the topic are called research or empirical articles. These kinds of articles relate to measurement of data through research, proving hypothesis or results based on research statements. Empirical studies are usually also related to the thesis assignments that students get during their term time. The best way to attempt such assignments is to thoroughly understand the brief and get complete knowledge about the topic.

Case Studies

Case studies are a form of scenario articles based on real life situations. They are largely used in the business schools, for students to experience practical implications of the concept they learn during their academic term. Case studies are now also being significantly used in the development and understanding of scientific subjects.

Reviews and Summaries

Students will often come across assignments, which brief them to read a certain story, novel, a book or a case. After reading they will be asked to submit their analysis like a review or a complete summary of their reading. This will include the introduction, their findings, the strengths and weaknesses of their reading and finally what do they think about it.

Applied Concepts

Some articles ask students to write about the concepts, their applications and implications. These concepts are largely what the students have studied over the course of their academic term.


This kind of article is an extremely advanced academic level work, which requires a thorough knowledge of numbers. Usually students who are aiming to specialize in mathematics courses like Calculus or scientific courses like Physics are asked to write such articles as it demands extremely sound understanding and analytical ability.

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