Cleaning Shower Curtains Effectively With Minimal Use Of Chemicals

Cleaning up any bathroom related thing is absolutely exasperating as moisture tends to make dirt all the more difficult to get rid off. Thus, though you may simply adore clean shower curtains, when it comes to cleaning them no one is ready to set their shoulder to the wheel. However, getting rid of mildew and dirt can be easier with minimal use of harsh chemical cleaners. Read on to find out how.

Before you start cleaning
Vinyl or plastic liners can be washed in a machine with a cup of vinegar added along with a cup of bleach. However, you must check to see if the material is compatible with such chemicals otherwise it will crack. Cold water is a better option as some materials melt in warm water. For a fresh smell, wash them with towels and add some vinegar to the rinse cycle. Hanging curtains to dry is better than using a dryer.

If fabric curtains are being washed, baking soda is better that bleach or vinegar. You can wash these in warm water with bleach (colour safe type of bleach is better to prevent fading) and your regular detergent. Salt water solution can help prevent moulding, so you can soak in a small amount of the solution after washing.

Get smart and clean faster
Zip off shower curtains are faster to clean as you can simply zip them off below the ring area and so you needn’t re-ring them or go through the hassle of removing the rings either. These are terrific for children’s bathrooms as the shower curtains need more washing there and so time can be saved too.

Tips for curtain liner cleaning

  • Do not wash liners that are not machine compatible in a washing machine
  • Mould resistant cleaner can keep your liners fresher and cleaner for longer in between washes. This needs to be repeated every few days

A few simple tips

  • A piece of cake

If the plastic curtain liner or curtain shows signs of mildew, first give it a whirl in the washing machine along with a pair of towels and set it on gentle mode. To your washing detergent, add half a cup of baking soda when it is on the wash cycle and then during the rinse cycle, add half a cup of vinegar. Don’t let it dry in the dryer but instead, drip dry it.

  • Get them crinkle free and sparklingly new

To save your plastic curtains from getting crinkled after a wash, add some warm water with about half a cup of chlorine bleach along with one-fourth cup of detergent. Then load the machine and add to bath towels along with curtains. Before loading, let the washer run for a bit and then put the curtains with the towels in the dryer on the lowest temperature setting for around ten minutes. Hang dry immediately for best results.

  • Touch of vinegar

Add towels along with curtains to your washing machine and add half a cup of detergent with the same amount of baking soda. Wash them in warm water on a regular cycle mode and then at the first rinse cycle, add a cup of white vinegar. Before the spin cycle comes on, remove the curtains and hang them to dry.

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