Clinical Trials: An Advanced Method of Breast Cancer Cures

Breast cancer can be termed as a collection of cancer cells (malignant tumor) that develops from the breast cells. It is not necessary that breast cancer can occur in women, it may affect men also. It is the most widespread cancer among American women Moreover, treatments have so far advanced that, if it is early detected, then breast cancer cures seems to be very easy.

Types of breast cancer

Basically talking about breast cancer, you can find many types of breast cancer, out of which some are outlined below:

  • Ductal carcinoma in situ: – This is the general type of breast cancer, which will not spread and can be cured with no doubt.
  • Invasive ducal carcinoma: – This cancer begins in the duct of a breast and rises as a neighboring tissue.
  • Invasive lobular carcinoma: – This cancer begins in the breast gland that produces milk. About 10% of breast cancers are of this type.

Types of breast cancer cures

There have been a number of researches on the life-saving treatment of the breast cancer, which commonly includes surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, etc but recently there have been given more emphasis on clinical trials for the breast cancer cures with very few side effects.

What are clinical trials?

We can say that clinical trials are the examined studies, where people agrees to try for new therapies under the supervision of the doctors, so that doctors can find out some of the best treatments with less side effects. Moreover, provides you with the best clinical trials.

How clinical trials are conducted?

  • Generally, clinical trials are conducted at universities, cancer centers, clinics or hospitals but most of the studies are conducted at local community hospitals.
  • Then the researchers who want to conduct the clinical trial will write a plan on the process of trial and what are the expected results that they hope. This plan is termed as a protocol.
  • This is a technical document, where the details of the dosage level including the quantity and time period will be mentioned. It also contains the lists of all the lab tests and work that will be conducted to know the reaction of each person to the trial treatment.
  • The protocol will be evaluated by an institutional review board, and after its approval only the board members scrutinizes the trial and is officially reviewed every year.

Phases of clinical trials

There are usually four phases or steps of clinical trial,

  1. Phase I trials :- The researchers observe the participants and accordingly adjust the dose until it provides less side effects
  2. Phase II: – Whether the treatment is effective or not and it includes some more people. Some new treatments are given in this step.
  3. Phase III: – Here the effectiveness and safety of the new treatment is compared with the present standard of treatment. It involves some 10 thousand people.
  4. Phase IV: – Here the long-term side effects and benefits of the treatment are studied. This treatment is done after the approval of US Food and Drug Administration.

To make this method of breast cancer cures successful, people should move forward to prevent this deadly disease.

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