Closing A Sale – The Hardest Part Of Any Negotiation

Training in any job is vital, as much to the business as it is the individual, and there are several types of training readily available through the web.  These include, but are not limited to:
o    Sales training
o    Management training
o    Customer service training
o    Telesales training
o    Negotiation skill training
o    Appraisal training

Sales training has its own agenda, as selling over the phone is one of the toughest jobs. The key to any sales pitch lies in the sales training that has been provided.

Things a sales person needs to be aware of include:
1.    A clear understanding of the sales process
2.    How to approach the customer
3.    Questioning techniques
4.    How to build rapport and maintain a customer relationship
5.    How to instil confidence
6.    Key selling skills
7.    Knowing your product’s unique selling point
8.    How to close the deal
9.    The importance of aftercare

There are of course many more aspects, but once you have sussed the sales process, the sky really is the limit

When you have your product, it has to be a product you believe in and would be interested in hearing about yourself. After all, if you wouldn’t buy it and nor do you believe in it, can you really expect to sell that to anyone else?

Building a rapport comes with experience and also as a result of the customer service training that is available online. Listen to your customer and try and appreciate their need – if indeed there is one – and then focus on that. Follow each question or answer with another of the same relevance and you should keep the call on the right track.

Questioning techniques are always a vital part of the process and asking the right questions is important.  Where possible, go in with open questions initially to limit the chance of hearing the word that always put us on the back foot – ‘no’.

Open questions are aimed at developing a conversation and will start with words you are not able to say no to. For example, what, how and why. These types of questions are essential in any sales or negotiation process.

It is, however, all talk at this time and to close the deal – well, that is a whole new ball game. It is also the reason why the correct kind of training is all-important in any sales process. There is so much to know and so many potential situations you might encounter, you can never be too well informed.

John Matcher writes about sales training on behalf of