Clothing And Protection For Security Industry Professionals

Work in the security industry is exciting and, yes, dangerous. That’s part of the appeal to those who would be attracted to this line of work. In fact, if you choose to pursue a career in the security industry, you’ll receive very specialized training in close protection for yourself and for your clients. There is another area, too, in which you will need training, and that is in clothing and protection for security industry professionals.

As a body guard, or as any kind of professional in the security industry, there may be times in which you need a bulletproof vest. In fact, most people automatically assume that you will have one. But, there are other protective items that will help to keep you safe in the threat zones, enabling you to protect your client.

You can’t protect anyone if you can’t see. And, you can’t secure an area if you are blinded by either chemical spray, laser lights, or strobes. Eye protection is crucial to keep your eyes from physical damage and from temporary blindness, as well. This can be accomplished with shades that are specifically designed for variable light situations, or with clear shields that fit over your own glasses.

People who are responsible for industrial security may also need hearing protection. As you assess security threats in industrial and factory settings, your hearing can be damaged over the long term. Hearing loss has forced the premature retirement of many security officers. That’s why adequate hearing protection is vital in your job. You can accomplish this with ear plugs, in some cases, that will mute loud sounds or eliminate certain pitches. However, in some cases, you may need headphones with complete dampening abilities. If you are in charge of a group of officers, communication may be important, as well, so they may need to have radio communication built in.

Don’t forget clothing that is made specifically for your line of work. For instance, if you are the security guard or security officer for an industry in which highly flammable products are present, you may want to consider an anti-static suit. These are commonly used in situations in which highly volatile substances are being used or are in storage.

Another frequently requested item is the heavy duty rain suit. You may be subject to storms while at sea, or in charge of security checks in the face of oncoming storms. A heavy duty rain suit will protect you from the cold as well as the rain, so that your strength and endurance are saved for more crucial elements of your job.

Gloves are crucial for your protection in many instances. You may need chemical resistant gloves to protect yourself from disability on the job. In some cases, you may need cut resistant gloves. This may be the case if you work with sharp objects in your workplace, or run the possibility of having to grab onto a sharp object. High dexterity gloves can actually increase your gripping power.

Each of the items of clothing and protection for security industry professionals can make the difference between failure and the successful execution of your job.

Fred Burns is enjoys giving advice to those looking to get into the security industry. When he isn’t writing he currently works for a career enhancement company that specializes in UK security jobs and personnel training.