Clothing For Your Little One

When you begin parenting you only realise that you know absolutely nothing about it. You can read as many books as you want, take as many courses, but it seems that it is often only by experiencing parenting that you actually understand what’s involved.

Choosing children’s clothes is something you won’t know much about either, however buying good brands such as Freoli Clothing can help. So, what should you look out for when buying clothes for your little one through the different stages of their childhood?


Nappies are an important part in clothing and choosing between disposable, reusable or other sorts of green diapers is a decision to be made in clothing. Surely, it’s not as nice and extravagant as buying nice clothing, like that from Freoli Clothing, however, it does mean a happier baby, who feels all the more comfortable. There is much out there on diapers and why you should choose one sort over that of another. However, take your time and decide on what you think is best and remember if you choose one sort, you can always change to using something else.

Infant Clothing

Infants grow like wild fire and so investment here is often a little pointless as they won’t fit in a few weeks. Choose comfortable sage clothing that will fit the bill and doesn’t break your wallet. Though, we’d like to recommend some brands here, if you’re on a budget, safe and secure is best.

Toddler Clothing

Toddlers crawl, dribble and just generally give clothing a lot of grief. Good brands are often better made and so can take the excess stress. Brands such as Freoli Clothing and other similar companies make comfortable, safe clothing that fits well and takes all the pulling and dragging. Make sure to choose carefully and consider things such as whether your child walks, crawls or drags themselves along before making deciding on what’s best to pick for your little one.

You will also have the added consideration of toilet training and the ease of taking of clothing to use the toilet. This can bring in other considerations and is something to really look into for all wear in this area as it can make a significant difference to the success of such training.

Shoes are also of significant importance and as you would for yourself, purchase the best shoes you can afford. Small children need extra stability from their shoes, just as they need good clothing like Freoli Clothing. These shoes can really impact on how successful their walking is and how quickly the walk. Good shoes also tend to wear better and we can tell you, if you have children of this age, they’ll wear out shoes like soldiers at the Somme.

Choosing children’s clothing can be a bit of a task, however, by doing so carefully and with some fore thought you can make the most of your purchases and they’ll look great and enjoy them too.

I Dream Elephants offer a large range of Freoli clothing which looks good and feels great on baby’s skin.