Coach Tours Provide Educational Outings For School Groups

Probably the best way to enlighten a child’s educational experience is by sending them and their peers on a coach tour – one that will offer both an engaging learning experience and a memorable excursion. This type of trip is one that a child can share with others and do so enthusiastically.

Visiting Greenwich

For example, one cannot deny a child the pleasure of seeing such places as Greenwich or Greenwich Park. Some of the sites that can be seen on this type of excursion include the Maritime Museum (which is free of charge), the Greenwich Observatory, and Cutty Sark. Normally, this type of tour starts with a cruise on a riverboat. Students can also visit the church where King, Henry VIII received his baptism. In addition, students can tour Greenwich University, when a trip is directed to this location.

Some Other Fascinating Historical Sites

Another fascinating place for an educational group to visit is the ruins of Hadleigh Castle. This type of trip can be complemented with a journey to villages in Essex. Another trip may take students – younger or older – to see Windsor and the Eton Dorney rowing facility. Taking a tour of Windsor Castle is also one trip that cannot be overlooked. In addition, coach tour visitors can see such sites as Waltham Abbey, which is said to be one of the best preserved abbeys of its kind today. It is also the burial site of King Harold. Consider including a boat trip on the River Lea as well.

A Visit to Warwick Castle

Needless to say, when you secure the services of a coach hire company in London, you will be providing a great opportunity for a student or an adult to experience London and English history. This is the best way to explore history first-hand – a history that stretches 1,000 years back in time. For example, one way to make the most of this type of trip is to explore Warwick Castle. The itinerary of events permits young people and adults to travel to a time when jousting was popular and spectacular birds of prey flew over the countryside.

Obtain a Quote First

You can schedule this type of adventure for primary and secondary school students as well as for children, adults, and seniors. To book a coach, go to the website of the coach company and obtain the number for reservations. You may also obtain a quote for this type of tour by submitting your trip details on a quote form on the website.

When you give your details, you need to include your first and last name, phone number, e-mail, school or company, and number of passengers. You also need to tick off whether the trip is a single or return journey. Include the pick-up date and time on the form as well. To receive an accurate quote, you need to include both the exact pick-up location and the specific destination. Include the postal code as well. Provide the reason for the trip before you hit “Submit.”