College Students Without A Car Can Still Get Around Town

No car? No sweat. Many college students aren’t able to afford cars, or frankly, don’t have the lifestyle that lends itself to a car. Adding a monthly car payment to your budget may not be ideal, and if you live in apartment-style housing, it may be expensive, or near impossible to park your car near by.

There are lots of ways college students get around, which means having a car is no where near mandatory. Here are a few creative ways you can get from point A to point B.
Public Transportation
If you live in an area that provides busses, shuttles or trains, take advantage of them. Find out where the closest stops to your apartment and campus are, and pick up a route schedule. You should also consider buying a monthly or even yearly pass, which can help you save lots of money. Check with your college to find out if your city offers education passes for its transportation systems.
Need some exercise and like the idea of going green? Hop on your bike. Biking to work and school is a great way to get moving and it also helps cut back on air pollution. Lots of people love biking, and if you can do it to get to work every morning? Even better. Be sure to invest in a helmet and a good lock to keep your bike secure.
If you only live in an area where everything is within a few blocks, you can always take a walk. Walking has been shown to be great for your health, and it’s a great opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. Be safe and walk in well-lit areas and even see if you can buddy up with someone.
Hitch a Ride
Let’s face it, sometimes you need to go further than the bus, or your own manpower can take you. In that case, hitch a ride from a roommate or friend. Some colleges have ride boards that help students connect for car-pooling. It’s always considerate to help pay for gas when you get a ride from a friend.
Having a car isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. There are monthly car payments, gas bills and of course, the dreaded car repairs. These alternative forms of transportation are much more affordable and even healthier. If you can’t afford a car this semester, don’t worry; you’ll still be able to get around town.
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