Comic Con – Not Your Average Convention!

Comic …What Now?
A comic convention usually attracts a crowd which shares a common interest in all things geeky; in short, it’s a honeypot of comic enthusiasts, gamers, anime fans, and folks who like to parade around in lycra tights.

Comic conventions are ubiquitous, and celebrated internationally. San Diego’s Comic Con is a lauded heavyweight of the comic convention world, weighing in at over 125,000 attendees in 2010 alone. Now, in 2012, we are expecting great things.
Comic Con San Diego
San Diego’s Comic Con was born in 1970, with a relatively small attendance: roughly 300 fans in total. The event itself was sired by strip letterer and artist, Shel Dorf, in the U.S. Grant Hotel.
After hopping from one hotel to the next, the Comic Con finally found a home in downtown San Diego’s Convention Centre. In 2007, the boom years began. 2008, San Diego Comic Con became a sell-out venue – the organisers ran out of tickets months before the event.
What to Expect
The unexpected. Costumed fans, masquerading as their characters before a panel of judges, in the hope that they will receive one of Comic Con’s glittering medallions; only awarded to the crème-de-la-crème of cosplayers. ‘The Masquerade’ is an integral event in the Comic Con’s calendar that gives normal people the chance to step-out of themselves, and become whomever they want to be; however inhuman!
If your tastes run to anime (a popular, Japanese form of animation), three rooms are dedicated solely to screening productions. With multiple films running at 25 minute intervals, you’re spoilt for choice. Mature movies for over 18’s screen at 10p.m.
Any gamers out there can whet their appetite on any number of role-play gatherings or competitive contests; including: Pokémon, D&D, Tekken, and Yu-Gi-Oh!,. It’s a great place to channel your inner dungeon master!
To top that off, San Diego’s Comic Con hosts a gallery of artwork from myriad comic artists. That way, you can take a piece of the comic universe home. But you’ve got to get there fast! Professional and amateur artwork sells quickly.
The Stars
If celebrities get you starry-eyed, this year’s Comic Con has got some big names lined up, including Robert Kirkham and Charlie Adlard (The Walking Dead), Jonathon Ross and George R.R. Martin (author, Game of Thrones) to name but a few. Plus, the stars of Twilight will be appearing at a panel on July 12, which is sure to be an extremely popular event thanks to the countless fans of the film and book series.
…the list is so inexhaustible; it’s making me tired.  
The majority of these famous guests appear during the most anticipated event of the convention: The Eisner Awards. Often called “the Oscars of the comic book industry” , The Eisner Awards celebrate the most imaginative and original creations of the previous year. Its aim is to promote awareness of comic and graphic writing through a non –profit and informative medium. Most of all, it’s a celebration of talent where commendation is due.
That’s exactly what this Comic Convention is about: a positive occasion to rejoice in each other’s creativity; showcase strengths… and dress-up like Superman.
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