Commercial Real Estate Experts That Are A Class Apart

Commercial Real Estate Experts That Are A Class Apart

For most people in the corporate world, commercial real estate buying and selling can be an unmanageable and complex affair without the appropriate professionals to assist them in their endeavor. However, it is always prudent for them to rely on experts who have the requisite skill, knowledge and expertise in addition to having valuable years of experience in this domain.

One of the prominent names in the field of commercial real estate management in Tampa, Florida is the Welfont Group. This is a reputed boutique commercial real corporate enterprise that specializes in assisting their clients in finding, analyzing, financing, buying, managing and selling their real estate properties. In this endeavor, this company employs IRS-approved tax strategies that include 1031 Exchange in addition to IRS Section 170 Bargain Sale to ensure that their clients get the best bargains out of their deals.

Commercial real estate experts that are a class apart

The experts at this commercial real estate management company have the necessary expertise when it comes to evaluating the prevailing market conditions. In addition to this, they also have the requisite training to conduct fruitful negotiations in real estate matters for their clients. When their prospective clients meet the competent real estate specialists of this company for the first time, they immediate notice that their amicable yet professional attitude set them apart from their competitors in this field. They will first give these clients a patient hearing to determine and assess their requirements and objectives before formulating an appropriate strategy that assist them in achieving their investment goals. In this endeavor, they analyze and evaluate the probable risk potential, potential, liquidity preference, and expertise in addition to hands on participation of such clients.

All the stakeholders to the real estate deal wins

Unlike its contemporaries in this field, this prominent Commercial Real Estate Group conducts all real estate negotiations in such a manner so as to create a situation where the company’s clients, the other party and society in general benefits from the deals. To achieve this goal, the experts first assess their clients’ needs to ensure that they get the optimum after tax values from their real estate deal. However, they are aware that it is not possible to create such a state of affair unless they allow other stakeholders to benefit from their deal by maximizing their after tax value via IRS Section 170 Bargain sale. In such a situation where all the stakeholders in the commercial real estate negotiation win, society in general benefits.

Real experts that make a difference and care

In the last decade, the real estate professionals of this company have been a catalyst in assisting their clients successfully negotiating and finalizing commercial real estate property deals worth $200 million covering over 1000 acres of commercial land. The type of commercial properties these experts deal with consist of manufacturing units, commercial office apartments, banks, educational institutions, warehouses, healthcare property, retails and other building for special use.

The Welfont Group is a prominent name in the American commercial real estate market and the experts of this group will go to any lengths to assist their clients benefit from their property deals.