Common Boss Bullying Tactics And Threats

Most people have worked for a boss that created a hostile working environment. It is quite possible that your boss has a personal vendetta against you. It could also be that your boss is just immature or insecure about his position. Whatever the case may be, you are dealing with someone who shouldn’t be leading people in the first place.

Your Boss Puts You On The Night Shift For No Reason
One way your boss may bully you around is by putting you on the night shift. Working the night shift in itself isn’t a punishment. However, if you are unable to take care of your kids due to your schedule, it becomes a major hassle. If there is nothing wrong with your work performance, you are probably being bullied by a boss who is throwing his weight around.

Your Boss Undermines Your Job Security
Your boss can do a number of things to make you feel insecure about your job status. He could give you a poor review at the end of the year. This could stop you from getting a raise or promotion that you deserve. Your boss could tell upper management that you were rude or insubordinate to a superior.

Even if there are no facts to prove this, you could still be facing an uphill climb at the office. You may show up for work one morning to find that you have been demoted or sent to another department. Your boss may place politics over the good of his company. All you can hope for is that others see through this.

Your Boss Makes Sexual Comments About You
Sexual harassment is certainly a form of bullying. Your manager could make comments about your clothes, your hair or your body. Calling you out because of your looks could make you feel uncomfortable at work. Perhaps you weren’t able to fix your hair quite right because you had trouble getting your kids off to school. Some bosses may even change the dress code just to find a way to get you in trouble.

The majority of workers have bosses who care about their professional well-being. However, there are plenty of bosses who care more about their authority being respected. If you have someone like this as your manager, you should run away as fast as possible. There is no way that you are going to win the daily battles that you will be having with this person.

Peter Wendt is a freelance article writer residing in the Austin TX area.  His experiences in the workforce has lead him to help employees learn more about employment practices.  He suggests seeking help from employment law firms in Austin.